2020 - 02/08-09/2020 Feb 8, 9 Nashville, TN, Hock's Combatives at the Royal Range

2020 -  02/08-09/2020  Feb 8, 9 Nashville, TN, Hock's Combatives at the Royal Range

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W. Hock Hochheim     
Combatives and Self Defense/Protection Seminar    
Feb 8, 9 2020
Royal Range, 7741 US-70S, Nashville, TN 37221 

Saturday Impact Weapon! Stick, Batonm Filipino realted stick  10 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday Night Live Fire Combatives (optional for you) 6pm to 8pm 
Sunday Gun - Mxed weapon skill, speed, flow and coordination sets, drills and exercises 

 Special sessions on:  
   * Stop 6 self defense methods  
   * Knife/Counter-Knife  
   * PAC/Filipino, Skill & Flow Developing Exercises    
   * CQC Gun training with safe ammo  
   * Counter-crime, counter-ambush  
   * Knife and gun instructor development  
   * Progress in course ranking or just, simply train for knowledge  
No experience needed. But your experience in other related systems will be appreciated, recognized and evaluated.  Hock is VERY informal.

Shooting on Saturday night is extra and optional. Ask us about the special Royal Range defensive/combatives pistol course on Saturday night! Taught by their military and police vets. Cost will be in the neighborhood of $50 to 100, give or take your needs like rental gun and ammo, as they can supply pistols and ammo. We will take a head count for it Saturday morning. 

All at the region's (perhaps, the country's?)  PREMIER, biggest, coolest training facility - The Royal Range - meet their military/police veteran staff.  Click here! The Royal Range

W. Hock Hochheim has over 40 years experience in military, policing and martial arts. As an Army military police patrol officer and investigator, and as a retired Texas patrol officer and detective, and as private investigator and protection/bodyguard, he has worked all those years in “line operations” never taking a promotions exam or admin job. 

He possesses
 a unique experience and savvy that very few other instructors have, all blended with a career in the martial arts dating back to 1972 and the earning of several black belts in various Pacific Island/Archipelago martial arts from the Philippines, Hawaii and Japan. 

He has forged his
 Force Necessary courses from the military, the police, the martial arts and the aware citizenry, as each group knows things about fighting that the others do not. Through the years, Hock has been a paid consultant trainer for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. He was a field training officer and a regular instructor in the Texoma Police Academy for years. He has taught at police academies for police agencies, be they street or SWAT, in the US, South Africa, Ireland, England, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Australia. He currently teaches some 25 seminars a year in 11 countries as far as China and Australia. He recently taught Special Operations in Italy, and Counter-Terrorism agents in Belgium.
Many of the martial and survival topics popular in the last few years and under newer cool, names, such as "gun arm grappling," "knife ground fighting," Hock has already been teaching for decades.


"When Hock talks about those cues and tip-offs to attacks and countering crime, he has a totally in-depth, real-world knowledge on these topics dating back to the 1970s. I mean...he has worked hundreds and hundreds of crimes. This is not just "passed-around" knowledge." - Michael Dunby,  Los Angeles, CA.


"I have been training for 35+ years and teaching for more than 20. Hock's practical training is not full of fluff, ego and satire like a lot of other training I have attended. The concepts he teaches make sense and are easy to apply no matter what your background or experience is. He is a charismatic, humble coach/instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can't wait to train with him again and would highly recommend his courses." -  Military and police vet Jason Reel, Texas, USA


LIMITED SPACE!!! We can only handle 25 people! Pre-register now and pay the rest at the door. Split the cost over several months and paychecks!
Held at Royal Range, 7741 US-70S, Nashville, TN 37221

* $99.99 Preregister with $99.99 right now, and pay the rest at the door
* $150 OR...type in above $150 for any one day or a partial payment for 2 days.
* $229 OR...type in above $229 and pay the full 2 day fee right now.
* $700. Special Group Rate! $700! Traveling in? Staying at hotel? Bring in 5 to 10 of your tightly connected students/friends of your group/school for only $700. (Please, all must be officially with you. ALL must be travelers, needing to stay in a hotel. No sandbagging. If at least 5 do not show? Then, the tuition returns to individual attendance of $229 per person.) Type in any amount if you wish to preregister. Just type in that amount in the box above.

Click on the Royal Range webpage, right here 

- Please wear street clothes! Especially pants with pockets and a street belt.
- Please bring ALL your gear. Training knives, guns, sticks. Two focus mitts or two Thai-style pads.
  We will have some to share, but it would be wise and helpful to bring all your stuff. 
- On the training knives, please try to bring a dull, training folder. If you have a fixed blade training knife,        having a sheath and belt for it would be smart. 
- Please obtain a battery-powered Airsoft pistol, as battery powered ones (NOT GAS!) do not hurt cars
  in any way. We will have some available, but it will be helpful for you to bring one. Here is a sample of
  an battery/electric pistol. There are cheaper ones...
- It's a good idea to bring elbow and knee pads. Mandatory eye protection.


(Hey! A heads up! Sometimes life happens. Or, weather happens. Stuff happens. People get sick or even...die. And these seminars can get canceled or moved. In the last 23 years, with about 25 seminars each year we have had to cancel or move only about 4 seminars. So, pre-register, or at very least drop me a line/email ( HockHochheim@Forcenecessary.com ) that you are coming. This way, I can keep you posted if there are any emergency changes. If you don’t? And if you just show up...cold...at the door? And something bad has happened and we are not there? Sorry. You shoulda’ told me. Foiled pre-registrations due to my sickness, weather, are usually carried over to whatever you want. The new date? Or get books? Films? Refunds? )

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