2018 - 03/00/2018 March - Hock Hochheim - Stick Combatives - Bay Area ! (San Jose/Oakland Area) CA

2018 - 03/00/2018  March - Hock Hochheim - Stick Combatives - Bay Area ! (San Jose/Oakland Area) CA

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Force Necessary: Stick 
The Knife Combatives "Challenge the Tests" Course   
March, 2018   
Pleasanton, San Jose area, CA - The "Bay Area"   

     "I have been going to various Sifu Ron Esteller schools in the greater Oakland area for over 16 years now. It's time for you guys and gals to get some credit for it! It is time to challenge the Knife "Black Belt" test. From levels 1 thru 10, how far up can you go? To the Level 10 Black? You get as high up as you can get. Its a review and a test if you wish! And, or a heck of a workout. Your choice.   
     If you have experience in other stick systems? Get credit for what you already know. We will recognize this experience and hard work. 
     Get started? Get further? Accomplish? Or just learn? All are welcome. No experience is needed. This is not brain surgery! This also offers rank development and instructor development. Or just train for knowledge
    This is the time and place where we "take care of all family business" and get this unarmed ranking stuff done. It is time for central California, but is it also time for you? No matter where you live?  
    Over a 2 day period I will teach/blast through all ten levels of our world practiced, our rather famous knife, 20 year, knife program, taught in schools and by academies as far as China and Australia. 
     It goes like this over the two days. I teach. You do. We watch you do it. All day Saturday and half of Sunday. Then on Sunday afternoon, everyone works through the freestyle scenarios of the big test, whether you are testing or not. It's just part of the exercise and work out." - Hock 
For All to work out and experience! 
Beginners (this is NOT brain surgery!)
For your prep (all tests are optional):
Each rank level is $75
The Black Belt test is $500
Each instructorship is $150
Or just work out. Optional. No problem
Esteller Martial Arts
3283 Bernal Ave. #107 Pleasanton, Ca 94566.
Saturday 9:45 am to 6 pm. Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Bring all your gear. Mitts, pads, eye protection. Replica pistols, long guns, sticks and knives. (we have some to loan, but....)
WEAR STREET CLOTHES! No sweat pants or gis.
$200 for 2 days $150 for any one day (if you are seeking rank? Two days are mandatory.) 
Preregister $99 right here with this link below or with Ron at the Esteller Martial Arts. Pay the rest at the door. Split the attendance tuition over several paychecks and months. Fly into Oakland or San Jose, or even San Fran airports. Pleasanton is...a pleasant drive away and is...pleasant! Stay in very reasonable hotels nearby. Contact Sifu Ron Esteller for local info on hotels, etc. Email kajukine@yahoo.com
$225 for two days. Preregister here or with Ron with $100 down. Any one day is $150. Whether one day or two days, just pay the rest at the door. Split your attendance over two paychecks and two months! (Note: If you must be a "one-dayer?" Sunday is the more, "fun," day. You'll get more out of Sunday than Saturday.)
What are you doing, exactly? After 40 years in martial arts training, and 30 years experience in policing and the military business, these are the knife things I find important enough to study and teach others. We will overview:

     This is also the knife seminar where we take care of all SFC/FN"family business." Get your first or next stick rank. If you are due from Level 1 to Level 12 on up? This is the place to be. Or, just do this for the work-out and experience alone. As you recall there is no monthly or yearly "tithing" to be in the SFC, we just need to see you. 

      And remember instructors and prior and current rank holders, we need to see you about once a year! Else you slip off into the inactive list. Come see us! With my tight 2017 schedule? This looks like my only chance to get out to the west coast.

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