09/00-00/2018 - September, 2018 - Hock Hochheim - Combatives Seminar - Tullahoma, TN

09/00-00/2018 - September, 2018 - Hock Hochheim - Combatives Seminar - Tullahoma, TN

 US$ 99.99


W. Hock Hochheim    
Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun, Filipino/PAC, Police Judo   
Combatives and Self Defense/Protection Seminar   
September, 2018  
(Special Friday night with the Big Dawg Kerwood) 

Pre-register now and pay the rest at the door. Split the cost over several months and paychecks!  

Force Necessary: Hand! Unarmed fighting 
Force Necessary: Stick! Baton and “stick” fighting 
Force Necessary: Knife! Edged weapon fighting 
Force Necessary: Gun! Gun fighting 
Police Judo and Pacific Archipelago Combatives 
The Stop 6 System 
Skill developing drills and exercises  
Your first or next rank 
Your first or next instructorship 
Or, just simply train for knowledge 

Held at Fugate's Martial Arts Center, 108 Ogee Street, Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388 United States, Phone : (931) 454-9060 Fax : (931) 454-9060, Alt : (931) 247-2264. Contact host: William Brent Fugate.

$200 for 2 days.  
$150 for any one single day.  
10 am to 4 pm Satuday and Sunday.
Pay this $99.99 down right here or with Brent and reserve your slot. Pay the rest at the door.
Ask Brent for the cost of the extra Friday night with the Big Dawg. 

Email: fugatesmac@earthlink.net
Subjects will include hand, stick, knife and gun offensive and defensive tactics. Please bring all your gear. Bring impact weapons, replica pistols and knives, focus mitts, eye protection, and wear street pants (or shorts) with pockets and a belt. Sweat pants and gi pants will not be as effective in our scenario training. If you have airsoft pistols, bring them. Bring ALL your stuff!

- Knife vs. hand attacks 

- Knife vs. impact weapons attacks 

- Knife vs. knife attacks 

- Knife vs. gun threats 

- Gun vs. knife methods 

- Stick vs. knife methods 

- Unarmed vs. knife methods 

- Saber and reverse grip training 

- Standing and ground situations 

- Instructor development 

- Rank progressions 

- Or just simply train for knowledge.

Special Guest! David “The Big Dawg” Kerwood will have a special sessions Friday afternoon and night.


(Hey! A heads up! Sometimes life happens. Or, weather happens. Stuff happens. People get sick or even...die. And these seminars can get canceled or moved. In the last 22 years, with about 25 seminars each year we have had to cancel or move only about 6 seminars. So, pre-register, or at very least drop me a line/email that you are coming. This way, I can keep you posted if there are any emergency changes. If you don’t? And if you just show up...cold...at the door? And something bad has happened and we are not there? Sorry. You shoulda’ told me. Pre-registrations are carried over to whatever you want. The new date? Or get books? Films? Refunds? )

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