03/03-04/2018 March 3, 4 - Hock - Sticks! - Bay Area ! CA

03/03-04/2018  March 3, 4 - Hock - Sticks! - Bay Area ! CA

 US$ 99.99


Force Necessary: Stick! 
The Stick Combatives "Challenge the Stick Tests" Course   
Match 3, 4 
Esteller Martial Arts, Pleasanton, Cailifornia 
("Central California," Near the Bay Area) 
     "I have been going to various Sifu Esteller schools in the greater Bay Area area for 16 years now. It's time for you guys and gals to get some credit for it! As well as anyone else! It is time to challenge the Impact Weapon/Stick levels, even for some to the "Black Bel test. From levels 1 thru 10...how far up can you go? To the Level 10 Black? You get as high up as you can get. It's a review and a test if you wish! And, or a heck of a workout. Your choice. This is the time and place where we "take care of all family business" and get this stick/impact weapon ranking stuff done. It is time for the West Coast, but is it also time for you? No matter where you live? 

     If you have experience in other stick or maybe Filipino systems? Get credit for what you already know. We will recognize this experience and hard work in tour past. 
     Get started? Get further? Accomplish? Or just learn? All are welcome. No experience is needed. This is not brain surgery! This also offers rank development and instructor development. Or just train for knowledge.    
    Over a 2 day period I will teach/blast through all ten levels of our world practiced, our rather famous, 22 year-tested, "stick" program, taught in schools and by academies as far as China and Australia. 
     It goes like this over the two days. I teach. You do. We watch you do it. All day Saturday and half of Sunday. Then on Sunday afternoon, everyone works through the freestyle scenarios of the big test, whether you are testing or not. It's just part of the exercise and great work out experience." - Hock 
For all to attend, work out and experience! 
Beginners (come see us, this is NOT brain surgery!)
For your prep (all tests are optional):
Each rank level, 1-9 is $75 each
The Level 10 Black Belt test is $500
Each instructorship is $150
Or just work out. Rank optional. Just train for knowledge.

What will you experience?
What are you going to do, exactly? After 40 years in martial arts training, and 30 years experience in policing and the military business, these are the stick things that I find important enough to study and teach others. We will over-view:

Stick versus Unarmed
Stick versus Stick
Stick versus Knife
Stick versus Gun Threats
Stick versus the "British Bastard Mix"
Stick ground fighting is automatically included in the above

Level 1: Intro to Impact Weapons and their Stress Quick Draws
Level 2: Stick Retention Primer
Level 3: Stick Blocking Primer
Level 4: Single Hand Grip Striking Primer
Level 5: Riot Stick (Double Hand Grip) Combatives Primer
Level 6: While Holding, Supporting the Stick
Level 7: The Push Series Grappling & Spartan Module
Level 8: The Pull Series Grappling & Chain of Stick Module
Level 9: The Turn Series Grappling & "In the Clutches of" Module
Level 10: The "Black Belt" Combat Scenario Test
Level 11: Intensive Stick Ground Fighting
Level 12: "Crossing Sticks" Stick Dueling Expertise
Level 13: Intensive Double Impact Weapon Mastery
Level 14  and up...Higher Levels upon Individual Request
Levels 15 on up:
             - Who, what, where, when, how and why...stick?
             - Skill and flow exercises
             - Medical issues
             - Instruction/teaching ideas and methods

Esteller Martial Arts
3283 Bernal Ave
Pleasanton, California
Any local questions - Call (925) 768-3555

Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Bring all your gear. Mitts, pads, eye protection. Replica pistols, long guns, sticks, expandable batons and knives. BRING SOFT STICKS!!! And a helmet of any kind, hockey, football, motorcycle, and pads. (we have some to loan, but....) WEAR STREET CLOTHES! No sweat pants or gis.  Must have pants with pockets and a "dress/regular" belt. We will use any sort of "stick," expandable, wooden, plastic, whatever.
Two 7-hour days - $200
Any one day - $150
All ages welcome and anyone under 16 is $99 for both days
Preregister $99 here on the link below, and then pay the rest at the door or right with Sifu Ron. Whether one day or two days, just pay the rest at the door. Split your attendance over two paychecks and two months! (Note: If you must be a "one-dayer?" Sunday is the more, "fun," day. You'll get more out of Sunday than Saturday, but again, if you seek rank? attending both days is mandatory) Split the attendance tuition over several paychecks and months. Fly into San Jose, or even San Francisco airports. Stay in very reasonable hotels nearby.  
Filipino Stick Certification? 
All reality impact weapon material fits inside Filipino stick study, but not all Filipino stick material fits into survival stick. That is..."art" part. So, yes. This seminar will also cover Filipino single stick methods and a Filipino Single Stick Certification! Each day will have a session on FMA stick. I am quite familiar with this FMA material. I tested for Guro/black belt in Manila, the Philippines in 1993 and have studied FMA since 1986. Some, not all, but some of the Force Necessary:Stick! material looks like FMA stick and some doesn't. Essentially, Filipino stick is a stick-versus-stick study and with a certain kind of stick, too. Whereas, Stick/impact weapon survival is any stick versus anything, anywhere. But in this seminar, there will be special sessions highlighting FMA stick. Email me for details on our FMA Single Stick Certification, at HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com
     This seminar where we take care of all SFC/FN "family business." Get your very first or next stick rank. If you are due from Level 1 to Level 12 on up? This is the place to be! Or, just do this for the weekend, "Tough-Mudder-like" work-out and experience alone. 
     As you recall there is no monthly or yearly "tithing" to be in our SFC. But, remember instructors and prior and current rank holders, we need to see you about once a year! Else you slip off into the inactive list. So come see us! 
Preregister! Split the tuition up over several months and several paychecks. Pay $99 now and the rest at the door. Plus space. can be limited! Reserve your spot. Preregister right here!

(Hey! A heads up! Sometimes life happens. Or, weather happens. Stuff happens. People get sick or even...die. And these seminars can get canceled or moved. In the last 22 years, with about 25 seminars each year we have had to cancel only about 8 seminars. Pre-register, or at very least drop me a line/email that you are coming. This way, I can keep you posted if there are any emergency changes. If you don’t? And if you just show up...cold...at the door? And something bad has happened and we are not there? Sorry. You shoulda’ told me.) Pre-registrations are carried over to whatever you want. The new date? Books? Films? Refunds? 


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