04/27-20/2018 - April 27-29, 2018 Toronto, Canada - Hock's Big Canada PAC Camp

04/27-20/2018 - April 27-29, 2018  Toronto, Canada - Hock's Big Canada PAC Camp

US$ 99.99   US$ 99.99


W. Hock Hochheim 
April 27, 29, 29, 2018 Toronto, Canada 
Hock's Pacific Archipelago Combatives and Filipino Martial Arts

  Single Stick
  Double Stick
  Stick & Knife

Material From...
  The Philippines

"If you are an expercienced martial artist, it is possible to achieve a PAC/Filipino Basic Instructorship (or Advanced?) this weekend, as we will have planty of time over the three days to cover the material." - Hock

Held at:
Durham Modern Martial Arts
605 Brock Street North, Whitby, ON L1N 8R2, Canada (a suburb of Toronto)
10 am to 4 pm or 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday

W. Hock Hochheim is a retired military and Texas police patrolman and detective who started training in Parker Kenpo in 1972. He has earned a 3rd degree Black Belt directly from Grandmaster Ernesto Presas Sr. and a 2nd degree directly from Professor Remy Presas, while training in both the United States and the Philippines, achieving Black Belts in other Pacific Island arts like Kajukenbo, Kempo Karate and Aiki-Jitsu. He also has various instructorships in Kali/Silat/Arnis from various systems through the last 5 decades.

“It’s about the blend.” Hock has forged all this Filipino, Indonesian, Hawaiian and Japanese knowledge into his Pacific Archipelago Concepts course, the fighting systems of the Pacific Ocean islands. This is an evolved, blended approach. As multiple Black Belt Kevin Bradbury says, “no one organizes material better than Hock does. No one.”

At this special event, there is rank and instructor development, or you can just train for knowledge. If you have experience, this can be awarded at this seminar. We will recognize your experience. But beginners are more than welcome (this ain't rocket science!)

Special session Friday 12 noon to 4 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Cost, firgured in USDs:
  $99.99 for Friday
  $200 for two days
  $150 for Saturday only, or Sunday only
  $250 for all 3 days

Contact: (905) 493-1044

Get the entire 55-page, color, PAC course outline, for free, in PDF form, click here 

Please wear street clothes. Please bring ALL your gear. Training knives, guns, sticks. Two focus mitts or two thai-style pads. We will have some to share, but it would be wise and helpful to bring some. 

Please contact host Bryan Zarnett at contactus@dmma.ca or call 905-493-1044 for other details like seminar cost, local hotels, etc.

(Hey! A heads up! Sometimes life happens. Or, weather happens. Stuff happens. People get sick or even...die. And these seminars can get canceled or moved. In the last 22 years, with about 25 seminars each year we have had to cancel or move only about 6 seminars. So, pre-register, or at very least drop me a line/email that you are coming. This way, I can keep you posted if there are any emergency changes. If you don’t? And if you just show up...cold...at the door? And something bad has happened and we are not there? Sorry. You shoulda’ told me. Pre-registrations are carried over to whatever you want. The new date? Or get books? Films? Refunds? )

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