2019 - 08/00/2019 August, 2019 Hock in Melbourne, Australia

2019 - 08/00/2019  August, 2019 Hock in Melbourne, Australia

 US$ 5.00


Australia Tour of 2019  

Feb 8, 9, 10, 11 Melbourne - Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun, PAC/Filipino  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday,  
August 2019 
Force Necessary Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun 
Pacific Archipelago Concepts 
and Filipino Martial Arts 

SKAMMA GYM, 9 Vesper Drive, Narre Warren, 

Dates set by March 1, 2019
Instructor development. 
Rank development. 
Or just train for knowledge. 

For all information - contact - 
Melbourne contact Wayne Bubb at melbshimjangvic@hotmail.com
Melbourne contact Fabian Kmet at fabian.kmet@gmail.com

No monies collected here, just collected by local hosts. (ignore the attached $5 - we have to list a number in that slot due to webpage requirements!) 

(Hey! A heads up! Sometimes life happens. Or, weather happens. Stuff happens. People get sick or even...die. And these seminars can get canceled or moved. Whatever. In the last 22 years we have had to cancel only three seminars, but emergencies happen. If you don't pre-register with the local hosts? At least drop me a line/email that you are coming at HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com, and I can keep you posted if there are any changes. If you don’t? And if you just show up...cold...at the door? And something happened and we are not there? Sorry. You shoulda’ told me.)