“The story is told in the first person narrative vividly crafted by the author to allow readers to hear Rusty’s voice and understand his every move. The graphic descriptions of the many incidents, the violent actions allow readers to feel engaged in the story, part of what the characters are going through and create a mental picture in their mind of the events. This book is definitely worth reading as the messages are loud and clear when certain choices are made we often have no choice but to live with the consequences. Rusty at times seems to have no conscience or remorse for his actions this comes through each time he takes down those that caused him to be in the situation he is now. A very explosive book and definitely one that leaves room for a sequel.” – Fran Lewis, USA


“My brother just read Hock’s new book and thoroughly enjoyed it, B;lood Rust. His enthusiasm couldn’t be beat. He said Hock is a kick, and the book is a real thriller. He loves everything Hock writes and always asks when the next book will be ready? He is one satisfied customer! He was laughing and talking about it so much that I’m going to read it. Thanks Hock for making my brother so happy!” – Mary Ann Sosebee, USA