Book - Gunther Series - Rio Grande Black Magic

Book - Gunther Series - Rio Grande Black Magic
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by W. Hock Hochheim 

"Did ex-lawman, ex-Army officer and gun-for-hire, detective Johann Gunther help assassinate Pancho Villa? The President wants General Blackjack Pershing to find out. And what Blackjack finds out - changes history!

Santa Muerte Witches… 

Gun Runners… 
Niave Citizens… 
Murdering Psychopaths… 
Mercury Miners… 
Pancho Villa! 
British Secret Service… 
Texas Rangers… 
Black Jack Pershing…

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When Gunther and Jefe ride into the Texican, Mexican border city of Tremboro on the Rio Grande to buy guns for a security job, it was the worst time. Pancho Villa and his raping, bloodthirsty henchman were there to recruit mercenaries. But they soon discover Villa wants more. Angry at his treatment by the American government, he wants to rape and pillage the city for all its worth. Can Gunther stop this small army of raiders in time? Will revenge turn Gunther into a hunted assassin decades later?


“…well-written, completely original and very, very entertaining! Seriously, Gunther is in very real danger of becoming one of my all-time western heroes, and I am not just being polite when I say this – I truly mean it!” – Ben Bridges, Piccadilly Publishing, UK.

“Wow Hock, totally wowed by your writing.” – E. Parker, GA

“Finished Rio Grande Black Magic. Another Great read Hock.” – Kyle Garrison, Kansas

“Hock writes the absolute best action adventure novels! I have all of them so far! I just finished “Rio Grande Black Magic.” Great!!! Read it too quickly! Gunther and Jefe rock it.” – Gerald Barnett, France


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