EBook - Gunther Series - The Ebook Omnibus - 3 Books! Gunther Western, Action, Adventure Trilogy from Wolfpack Publishing

EBook - Gunther Series - The Ebook Omnibus -  3 Books! Gunther Western, Action, Adventure Trilogy  from Wolfpack Publishing
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Wolfpack Ebook Great Sale!
Gunther Western, Action, Adventure Trilogy  
3 Ebook Set by W. Hock Hochheim

All going under one name "My Gun is my Passport," under the Wolfpack Trilogy. 

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This 3 ebook sale contains THREE whole novels.
* Book 1: My Gun is my Passport.
* Book 2: Last of the Gunmen.
* Book 3: Rio Grande Black Magic.

My Gun is My Passport by Hock Hochheim  Winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award!
The early 1900s. A time just after the American gunfighter, and right before the noir detective. A time when men with a certain experience were called upon to solve difficult problems - men like Johann Gunther, former military officer, ex-Texas lawman, and owner of a special firm called Remedies Detective Agency in Ft. Forth, Texas. Gunther, having served under Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba, finds himself summoned by the president in 1905 for a special assignment. His job, to accompany a U.S. and British Army expedition to faraway Afghanistan and find a missing Colonel. Once he arrives, he discovers the Colonel is involved with Russians in the “Great Game” of turning Afghanistan into a pivotal point in a land grab for all the riches of the Asian continent. Join Gunther as he tracks renegade Indians in Montana, then battles foreign spies in a deadly Atlantic crossing. Ride with him as he fights vicious, bloodthirsty tribesmen and political madmen through the Straits of Gibraltar into India and up the Khyber Pass for a climactic battle at a fortress atop the world.

Last of the Gunmen  Gunther Rides Again! 
The United States is floundering deep in the struggle to recover from the financial Panic of 1907 and the San Francisco earthquake. Then someone murders a philanthropist tycoon on the streets of Fort Worth. A flamboyant police detective stands accused of the crime. While he languishes in jail, a gang of killers murder his beautiful, exotic wife in a daring daylight robbery. In the process, they also kill a former Louisiana judge who gets in their way. The killers? Members of a minor league baseball team who commit an assortment of sadistic crimes across the country while on tour with their team. Meet the first criminal biker gang and Texas Ranger Chester Winch, the mastermind behind their deadly killing and robbery sprees. Combine the gang’s thirst for money with an independent and sinister plot by robber barons to alter the American and world economies with secret injections of money, and you have a ticking time bomb of crimes waiting to explode. What happens when the most modern and organized criminals of the day go after the largest pocket of secret money in the world? Who can the Texas governor call for help? Who does the accused police detective call for from his jail cell? Johann Gunther of Remedies Detective Agency. Yes, Gunther is back from his death-defying adventure in Afghanistan, as chronicled in My Gun is My Passport with a new and different, but no less dangerous, case. Now, with his partner Jefe, and some critical help from the legendary Bat Masterson, Gunther faces brutal violence and vicious death right in his home town of Fort Worth and on the flatlands of West Texas in a climatic firefight to rival that at the O.K. Corral. In a new 20th Century world of cars, guns, motorcycles, baseball, hit men, corruption, global economies and organized crime, who are the last of the gunmen? And what will it take to stop their crime wave and bloody reign of terror? Johann Gunther aims to find out, and he aims and shoots to kill.

Rio Grande Black Magic   Gunther rides again!
When Gunther and Jefe ride into the Texican, Mexican border city of Tremboro on the Rio Grande to buy guns for a security job, it was the worst time. Pancho Villa and his raping, bloodthirsty henchman were there to recruit mercenaries. But they soon discover Villa wants more. Angry at his treatment by the American government, he wants to rape and pillage the city for all its worth. Can Gunther stop this small army of raiders in time? Will revenge turn Gunther into a hunted assassin decades later?

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There are a ton of 5-star reviews on the indivudal books listed on this very shopsite, these are about the Wolfpack Publishing omnibus, 3-book set such as...

5.0 out of 5 stars  
Well, thank you so much for shortening my night's sleep. I really didn't believe I would get so caught up in the three different storylines. Well here I was 1, 2 in the A.M. awake! Great diversity enough for a world traveler in Europe and the Philippines to relate. Thanks. Please consider reaching in and doing it again. It was a pleasure.” – Wowzier, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars When you have a problem the man to go to is Johann Gunther, the problem solver! 
When you have a problem the man to go to is Johann Gunther, the problem solver! Johan and his Jefe Kokoy operate a detective agency in Fort Worth, Texas, called Remedies Unlimited. Having met in the Philippines and joining forces, they solve people’s problems. From making sure an Opera house is finished, fighting Indians, tracking and stopping a rogue officer to jobs for the President, Teddy Roosevelt, Gunther travels wherever the problems need to be solved. Montana, Atlantic crossing, Straits of Gibraltar into India and back to the US. No matter where he is, his number one man is Jefe and he knows that he can trust him with his life. The two men formed a bond that will stretch across time. Working together they support each other in all of their battles. In their hometown of Ft. Worth, they work to solve murders, corruptions and numerous crimes involving a baseball team. In addition to the murders and robberies, they were working to find the corruption in the law officers around them. In India, Gunther’s task was to find a rogue American officer that has left his wife and the US to find his fortune. This collection includes three different adventures of the men and their tales. Each gives you a wonderful look at the life and times during the era of the gunfighter in the 1890s. The background on the fighting men and life as it was. Men with the reputations of getting the job done, but not at the expense of someone else. Each book also includes the interaction of many of the men that were famous during that time period such as Teddy Roosevelt. What did I like? This is my first book from Hock Hochheim and it certainly will not be my last. I enjoyed the writing style and the excellent tales that he shares with his readers. What will you like? The most important thing that I think you will find is the authentic feel to the stories. The details and descriptions will pull you right into the storyline, and you can feel the bullets whiz by, and the coldness of the air. The first story will have the hair rising on your neck as they are attacked in the middle of the night. From there to India you can feel the rush of the wind as they are chased to the swing of the baseball bats. I know it was that way for me! Excellent stories, great action, and characters you will love or downright hate. Great read and I for one will be on the lookout for more of this author’s books. - DD Gott - Donadees Corner

5.0 out of 5 stars James Bond at the turn of the 19th century I received this book as an ARC for my honest opinion. This is a multi-novel set, which I haven't completed. But let me discuss the first tale. Johann Gunther is a German born emigre who grew up in NYC, served in the US Cavalry, served in the West as a US Marshal, and is now a private 'investigator' handling many mercenary assignments around the world. In My Gun is My Passport, he takes an assignment from his old San Juan Hill commander, now US President, Teddy Roosevelt. Gunther is a true adventurer who no longer wants to be in command of any expeditions. But being thrust into authority, he replaces the American commander, has to upbraid the English fop, and gain the support of the sepoy troops. The action is plenty, the intrigue and treachery amazing, the characters are colorful, and just the trip to Afghanistan is amazing. If you like action, adventure, intrigue, and a cowboy hero to cheer for, this is for you!” Bert Brandt, USA

 5.0 out of 5 stars Fiction or time-traveling memoir?
“I seldom read "westerns" but am half way through the Johann Gunther trilogy and I am thoroughly hooked on this one. When I look at the author bio, "U.S. Army investigator and 23 year veteran Texas police investigator, patrol officer, former private investigator" I have to wonder how much of these detailed, believable, realistic scenarios are extrapolations of personal experience transported back in time. Very disappointed the bio picture looks like a TopGun pilot instead of long flowing blonde hair. I look forward to perusing some of the non-fiction works by this author as well.” – Zot Parker, USA

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