Patch- The Mad Elephant

Patch- The Mad Elephant
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"The Beatings Will Cease When Morale Improves!" -old Army proclamation

Stop the beatings with this morale patch!
The Mad Elephant Patch
3" by 3". Iron on.

"The elephant has long been the symbol of the Close Quarters Concepts Group for many jungle moons ago. A few always ask, "Hock, why an elephant as a logo?"

Veteran insiders in the military and police world have long used the expression when talking about experienced operators.
''Work with him! He's seen the elephant,"
"Train with him-he's seen the elephant."

The elephant symbol and expression has come to represent real action and real experience. If you can't live it, then train with the people who have....kind of thing. The training mission is to collect this type of information. 
That is why I selected the elephant as the CQC emblem. We try to be a repository for as much of this type of information as possible. Our books have true stories from all kinds of vets, etc. It is a never-ending, and somewhat ever-changing process, of course. The angry and armed elephant, and manifestations thereof,  have come to symbolize our overall hand, stick, knife, gun collective group, since the 1990s." - Hock

(Prior postage problems for patches have been fixed, by the way) 
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