08/05-06/2017 - August 5, 6 2017 - Hock's Unarmed Camp - Denver Colorado

08/05-06/2017 - August 5, 6  2017 - Hock's Unarmed Camp - Denver Colorado

 US$ 99.99


W. Hock Hochheim's Force Necessary:  
HAND! Combatives Seminar  
Denver, Colorado 
One "Tough Mudder" of a Weekend (But No Mud!) 

August 5, 6 2017 

Preregister with this $99.99 down. Secure your spot. Then pay the remaining $50 more (one day) or $100 more (two days) at the door. Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. All welcome. No experience necessary. You will receive expert help if needed. 

Synergy Martial Arts! 
3049 W 74th Ave Westminster, CO. 
Contact Scott Pederson  - advantagema@aol.com  or call 303-650-6655 
2 Days-$200. Any one day-$150 

Open to all, People seeking rank, instructorship ranks and black belt will benefit. Fight through the 101 Nasty Combat Scenarios, and “challenge the Black Belt test” and,or get rank and instructorships. Go as high up as you can go." Or just train for knowledge and survive one tough mudder! No experience needed. All experience welcome. 

This August 5, 6 we invite you to attend the first Black Belt Challenge in Denver, Colorado to esentially …challenge the levels of our test! Our SFC Unarmed Combatives Black Belt test and below. By now, many know that if someone finishes Level 10 of our unarmed program, they also receive the proverbial Black Belt. I offer this because not only do I have the legitimate authority to do so, but as you well see by reading below, my course also consists of material of a karate, jujitsu and mano-mano course. In most cases way more than those courses. And I do this because it has become imperative that practitioners, wishing to start or enhance their own teaching businesses, simply need the popular accreditation of a “Black Belt” amongst the common, potential customers. Due to my strange and inconsistent travel schedule, I have a real difficulty organizing times for proper Black Belt testing and this Round-up is my plan to solve some of these problems. 

Levels 1-9 and $75 each

Basic Instructorship (after level 3) an additional $150

Advanced Instructorship (after level 6) an additional $150

Specialized/Expertise Instructorship (after level 9) an additional $150

Black Belt Test $500

“My Force Necessary: Hand! Unarmed Combatives Black Belt Test covers the fundamentals of survival. It is not complicated, not brain surgery or rocket science. It is a bit like heavy ground n’ pound, MMA…and then not. That is why a well-rounded martial person with lots of stand-up, takedown and ground experience has a great shot at achievement and recognition in our SFC internationally known system.” – Hock 

One will know (or should know for higher level advancement): 
-All good strikes, standing and ground 
-All good kicks, standing and ground 
-Good variety of takedowns 
-Some kickboxing that includes takedowns 
-Ground fighting and escapes from ground fighting 
-Counters to knife and stick and gun threat attacks 
-101 Nasty, Worst Case Scenario Combat Scenarios consisting of hand vs. hand, hand vs. stick, hand vs. knife, hand vs. pistols and long guns, kickboxing...  

Ask me for more information and the complete list at hockhochheim@forcenecessary.com
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