Book - Pseudo Quotes

Book - Pseudo Quotes
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Pseudo Quotes
by Dennis Scharnberg

About the book. This book offers something new and unique: a selection of quotations from books that never existed, by authors who never lived. These imagined fragments present insight, wit, obscurity, double entendre, hilarity, and more. Thematically, the book touches upon everything under the sun—life, love, work, play, art, music, dream, knowing and not knowing, tradition, utopia, old movies, ads, the Elizabethans (!), the Internet, loss. This tome may be picked up and dabbled in profitably at any time of day!  Each quote is its own entertaining, thought-provoking, compelling mystery.

About the author
Dennis Scharnberg’s parents were quite proud of his academic achievements. These include a couple of degrees, membership in Phi Beta Kappa, and University Fellow standing in graduate school. After several years of fitful engagement in the teaching profession, Scharnberg unexpectedly dove headlong into the visual art scene.  He created a substantial body of work, and exhibited that work liberally.  Some say that he eventually swam for shore (in search of income).  Others contend that he is stillshowing work, under a range of outrageous pseudonyms.  In mid-life, Scharnberg stumbled onto editing.  He has walked this career path—contentedly, sadly, and otherwise—for more than twenty-five years, including stints at "Harcourt" and the "Society of Petroleum Engineers." Scharnberg persists in accumulating ephemera and memorabilia of all kinds: postcards from a hundred years ago, Victorian advertising, old movie cameras, found snapshots, automobile manuals of yesteryear, movie paper, handwriting samples. A final note: He does not theorize.

325 entertaining pages
Available in Paperback and Ebook
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