Book - Face the Muzac by W. Hock Hochheim

Book - Face the Muzac by W. Hock Hochheim
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Jumpin' Jack Kellog Returns!  
When career criminal and psychopath John Phillip Muzak escaped from prison, he promised to start a blitzkrieg of murderous crime to torture the people of Texas. Muzak and his criminal sons, aka the "Ponderosa Gang," cut a bloody trail across the Texian landscape. 

There is only one man who can hunt them down, an "old school," shamed, defamed and fired Texas detective, Jumpin' Jack Kellog. Kellog was once hailed as a hero, fighting the Yankee Mafia and the Cowboy Mafia, (Wolfpack Publishing's 'Be Bad Now' is the prequel book). But now, years later, he's been ostracized for police brutality. He's been fired from West Forge PD. His reputation tarnished and considered a pariah, Kellog is reduced to selling paint in his brother's store, as he recovers from a severe heart attack and nervous breakdown. 

But Kellog is Muzak's life-long archenemy, the only man ever able to track him down 6 times and arrest him. He's sent the public enemy to the Texas and Federal pen mant times. And now, pariah or not, it's time for Kellog to do it again. So, Jack sets out on a manhunt with the Texas Rangers to strangle the Ponderosa crime wave. 

Kellog has torn through major Texas cities, and busted across the Mexican border, forced to use every trick he's learned to repeatedly snare Muzak since the 60s. Detections, chases, fistfights, knife fights, gunfights, horror, and death ensue, all erupting again now into an unforgettable, climactic showdown on the streets of Laredo! 

"I created Jack Kellog years after Dirty Harry appeared and years before Raylan Givens arrived, and even I sometimes cannot tell the differences. I hope you enjoys this police, action, detective thriller!" - Hock 

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"This is a very good read, well done. Good plot, appropriate length, moves quickly, lots of action, nice "buddy cop" interaction, characters interesting, well developed, especially the leading ones, settings/scenes clear, good dialog." - Lloyd Fitzapatrick, Texas

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