Book - Fightin' Words - The Psychology and Physicality of Fighting

Book - Fightin' Words - The Psychology and Physicality of Fighting
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Fightin' Words - The Psychology and Physicality of Fighting  
Non-Fiction Book   
by W. Hock Hochheim 
301 pages

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   About the Author -
W. Hock Hochheim is a former military police patrolman and investigator, a former Texas patrol officer and detective, and former private investigator. During his career he investigated more than 1,000 crimes and arrested nearly as many suspects. He has graduated from numerous, national Assault and Violent Death police schools and street survival courses. He also organized protection and security for famous authors, politicians, musicians, TV and movie stars. Over the last 40 years Hock has studied martial arts and hand, stick, knife and gun combatives, earning numerous black belts in multiple systems. 

     In 1996, Hock founded Force Necessary, a training company that teaches situational, event-based, scenario-based fighting tactics to military, police and citizens. Hock has written prolifically about martial arts, psychology, sports and history in countless magazines and books. He is quoted frequently. He currently teaches some 30 seminars a year in 13 allied countries. For more than 15 years, Hock has also authored a very popular blog read by tens of thousands. He is known as an educator, entertaining skeptic, and pioneer myth-buster by citizens, military, police, and martial arts experts worldwide. You cannot find all these special studies, articles and essays on his blog page

    "Fightin' Words" is a collection of essays and articles by Hock about his life-long, worldwide quest to uncover the best, base-line, fighting tactics, strategies and skill-developing methods. These essays are based on his travel, study, experiences and research of the psychology and physicality required to successfully fight criminals and enemy soldiers. The book is about fighting, or "fightin'" since Hock is a Texan and speaks like one. He dissects elements of survival, self-defense, war, crime, martial arts and combat sports. He explores the changing terrain of these systems and how they evolved. And meanwhile, reveals a little martial, history and gossip here too! 

     There is also a photo tribute collection to the many international hosts who have hosted him over the last 22 years.

     "Hock's new Book Fightin' Words. The Psychology and Physicality of Fighting. Is pure genius. This is arguably the best book ever written on these topics. Great stories. Great read. Absolutely a must read for the serious martial artist, military or police." - Jim McCann, MMA and Boxing champ and trainer of champs

     "Still loving this book, particularly as you can just pick it up for a few minutes - although I then find I cannot put it down for hours. So many topics and such sense, a rare treat to find someone who looks at "the arts" as I do with the same mix of fascination, desire to learn, and scepticism. Thanks for producing it." - Matt Stead, London, England

     "Just finished reading this book on my flight to LA. LOVE IT!" Frass Azab, Kansas City, Kansas

     "Already getting dog-eared and multiple bookmarks.....always the sign of a great book. Such a useful instructor resource and recommended reading for all..." - Jethro Randolph, Stroud, United Kingdom

     "I finished mine Sunday morning. Read it in A day & a half. It was full of gems for me. Totally inspired me. Can't wait to for your seminar sir." - Kevin Staples, Texas

     "Hock, just been going over your book fightin' words....I have to recommend this book to all my martial arts students. I can already highly recommend this book as excellent reading material for those looking for real world experience on the psychology and physicality of fighting." - Terry Gruel, Kokomo, Indiana

     "A fun read that makes a handy reference tool for us in the biz! Great essays and material. Thanks." - Cliff Munson, Michigan

      "I thoroughly enjoyed it!" James Brown, Chattanooga, TN

     "Great book!" Tim Tackett, JKD pioneer, Redlands, CA. , USA

     "One of my jobs is that of a well payed security/chaperone for athletes at sporting events. Of the literally hundreds of Martial Arts books on Fighting I own Hock’s is the best. It is not a bunch of pictures and list of techniques. It is a collection of essays written over a long career as a soldier, detective and personal body guard to the rich & famous. This book is the thinking man’s Martial Arts Bible! Hock discusses real life scenarios that effect all of us that may be involved in a real life street encounter. Hock’s book is extensively researched and cited. His writing is informative and highly entertaining as well! Now that I finished reading it I am going to read it again over and over. You MUST buy this book if you are really interested in fighting or the Martial Arts. I now look forward to reading Hock’s other fiction and non fiction books as well." - Big Chuck Doyle, Philadelphia, PA.

     "Many people spend years amassing martial and combative skills but only a small percentage actually look deeper into the why of violent encounters. Paired with this is the psychology and reality of what really can and does happen. If you only train to react physically and not to assess and preempt situations you are only doing half the work. This book is a great example of what can and does happen before after and during a fight. Thanks to Hock for sharing his insights from so many years of experience." - David Mundi, Adelaide Australia

     "When W. Hock Hochheim talks, I listen. Hock Hochheim may well be the most intelligent person alive in the larger self defense fighting arts industry. A thorough researcher and talented writer, he calls out all misnomers and sets it straight-- with facts." - Melissa Soalt,  Fierce & Female Self Defense Training & Consultancy, New York City, USA

     "Fightin' Words is a damn good book. I've been a student of self-defense for 15+ years, and it has given me a new perspectives on the topic." - Riecke Verner Peter, Budapest. Hungary

      "This book is so filled with planning, terms, frameworks, that it makes sense to get BOTH the Kindle Version and the paper version. I have the Kindle version. What makes HH's point of view different, besides the Who, What, When, Where and How top-down analysis is that he was a professional (Bodyguard and LEO) and has pretty much seen it all. Highly recommended to anyone interested in this field." - Badger Johnson, Canada 

       "Everything Mr. Hochheim has written in Fightn' Words makes sense to me.  The insight about physical confrontation he gives in every chapter is what I have been looking to learn all of my life.  I haven't been ready to learn what I am learning from this book until now.  Fightn' Words is the right information at a time in my life when I am ready to understand it.  During the last six-months I have searched the Internet looking for what Mr. Hochheim gives in Fightn' Words.  I searched the Internet to find information about an area of life I don't know anything about.  I have read Violence of Mind by Varg Freeborn, and have attended his one-day seminar.  I have purchased three of Rory Miller's books.   I knew Mr. Hochheim would be teaching me the information I want to learn..." Steve Feds, USA

     "Your book Fightin Words is brilliant," - Lun Lok, England

     "Almost all self defense, martial arts fail to see the totality of the situation like 'HH' does. You have to know the field of play. Legal, moral high ground, ethical, mindset, de-escalation options, how to anticipate. Hock covers all of those and more." - B. Johnson, Canada

     "MUST read if you are any kind of serious about self defense training." - Jeff Burger, Boston, MA.



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