Book - Footwork and Maneuvering

Book - Footwork and Maneuvering
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W. Hock Hochheim's FOOTWORK and MANEUVERING Book From the “Boxing Ring and the Octagon to the Obstacle Course.” With Applications to Indoor and Outdoor, Rural, Suburban and Urban Surfaces. 

“This book is dedicated to all men and women in uniform and out, but especially to people who are not just in sports or martial arts, people who for themselves, their friends and family, their city, county, state or country need to know how to move when in a fight. With or without weapons. Standing, seated or on the ground in their regular clothes and, or uniforms. A world without mats. Urban, suburban, rural. Inside and outside buildings. For those in the sports? This is how and what the “other half,” the “real half” worries about and needs, beyond "canvas" boxing ring footwork and "rubberized" wrestling mats and bare feet.“ - Hock

Introduction Mission Overview
Segment 1: Universal Basic Concepts 
Segment 2: The Stand-up Footwork 
Segment 3: The Knee Maneuvers 
Segment 4: Standing to Knee to Ground Maneuvers 
Segment 5: Crawling Maneuvers 
Segment 6: Universal Grounded Maneuvers 
Segment 7: Universal Get-Up Maneuvers 
Segment 8: Obstacle Courses 
Segment 9: Your Personal, Class or Seminar Work Out List 

(25 years ago I started a collection of footwork and maneuvering patterns as related to hand, stick, knife and gun. I created a little workbook some 10 years ago for my use and because people admired this handy workbook, I started selling them to insiders. In 2018, our publisher/distributor inquired about this, asked to flesh this out into a regular book. I have ten more years to the material, as well as hundreds of photos and diagrams. Don't forget this includes hand, stick, knife and firearms in regular clothes and police, security and military uniforms. So now, this is a book! - Hock)

Get the Author's Cut! What's that? The signed Author's Cut books! Mailed to you! What's the "authors cut?" It's an autographed hardcover textbook for collectprs or for gifts. r. If you wish it autographed for a collection keepsake or a gift? Then the book gets mailed first to Hock in Texas, and he signs it and then sends it back out to you. This costs more in postage, handling and packaging, which in turn, costs more. But if you want autographed copies? This is the way. 

"I have recently bought your footwork book, your knife combative book and your impact weapons book, all may I add are superb." - Ferah Zulfiqar 

“Hock leaves no stone unturned on this subject. As usual.” - former British security contractor, Joe Hubbard

"Hi Hock, I bought your book on footwork on amazon and loved it! My dad is DEA, so I have grown up around a lot of military and law enforcement guys. I know there's a lot of posers out there in the training world. Your stuff is head and shoulders above!" - Richard Barrett, Michigan, USA

"If Hock Hochheim wrote want to read it." - Shawn Zirger, Canada


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