Book - Gunther Series - The China Alamo by W. Hock Hochheim

Book - Gunther Series - The China Alamo by W. Hock Hochheim
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By W. Hock Hochheim

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Whether he is fighting American western outlaws, suicidal Filipino warriors or crazed Boxer Rebellion Chinese, former Texas lawman, Johann Gunther is your man.

It’s 1900 – three young doctors celebrate their graduation from medical school with a dinner on the San Francisco docks…until they’re kidnapped and Shanghaied to China. The doctors’ families are rich, and they entice Vice President Teddy Roosevelt into organizing a secret, rescue mission. Teddy dispatches his former Cuban War veteran officer, Major Gunther from the Philippines to run the top-secret mission, but not without first destroying the rotten shanghai operation on the bay.

Once in China with the doctors rescued, the full-blown Boxer Rebellion erupts and Gunther’s ragtag team must flee for their lives, run the gauntlet into Peking and into the surrounded, besieged embassy fortress, caught in a last stand Alamo of life and death.

"Probably the greatest adventure story I've ever written, right next to Gunther's first book, 'My Gun is my Passport.' If you like a high action-adventure, international classic with a western hero at the helm? This is your next book!" - Hock

"Just finished China Alamo, definitely the best one yet! Totally enjoyed the story. The Gunther series needs to be made into a Netflix series." - Kyle Garrison, Kansas, USA

“What will you like about the China Alamo? There is never a dull moment in the life of the lead character, Johann. He is one of those men that fall into trouble without even looking for it. In fact, when he does look you better be prepared for one exciting adventure. Hock’s storylines read like historical events that are exciting and breathtaking keeping his readers fully engaged. The characters are amazing but yet have a lifelike quality to them. Excitement, action, and throw in a little romance to round it out and you have one heck of a read.” – Donadees Corner, USA


“Another great book by Hock. For those who like historical fiction, stories that could have happened it’s an easy read. With Hock's background he adds just the right amount of detail to make the story believable.” - Amazon review


"A really fine read. The best of the lot? Not sure because the series as a whole is rock solid. I liked American Medieval a lot- but this one sheds light on more of Gunther’s past ( and Jefe’s)!" - Chad Edward, MD.


“A most interesting story. Having studied the Boxer Rebellion and the part the USMC played in that era in China, this story added to that history. Yet in a very different way, using a slant that was most enjoyable.” - Jim Conkle, USA


“What did I like? Having read other Johann Gunther adventures, I knew right away this would be an exciting read. Hock has the personal background to make his books sound like you are reading a true war account. The interesting way that he takes a young Johann from Germany and inserts him into an American way of life is fantastic” - D Gott, USA

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