Book - Training Mission One - Second Edition

Book - Training Mission One - Second Edition
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Training Mission One, the Second Edition!
by W. Hock Hochheim
170 pages. Over 400 how-to photos
New! Second Edition! New formulation and Vital Information.

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“For more than 4 decades I wanted to create a program that was the essence of combat. Style-free. Arts-free. Sports-free. The essence of hand, stick, knife and gun fighting. I envisioned a person skilled in unarmed combatives, yet armed with a rifle, or a pistol, or a stick or a knife, or all of them, that could fight standing, seated, kneeling and on the ground, utilizing their “hands,” or whatever weapon was needed, and doing what was morally and legally necessary to win/survive the crime or war situation. These Training Mission books document my mission.” - Hock

"Integrating my Stop 6 program into the Force Necessary courses has forged a better, organized, digestible, fantastic progressions." - Hock

Hock’s Training Mission One is an unarmed and multi-weapon collection of his Force Necessary, Level 1 hand, stick, knife and gun course materials. The material is organized through his Stop 6 training program as it’s skeleton. Stop 1 is all the vital, pre-fight, pre-crime moves, interview and ambush, counter-stalking information and intelligence, plus the stress drills and scenarios of weapon, quick draws. The unarmed level covers all the Level 1 strikes, kicks and grappling. A practitioner may choose to study one or all of those 4 courses. The book is in two parts. Part 1 covers the pre-crime, pre-fight criteria of Stop 1 of the Stop 6. Part 2 of the book covers the physical and mental requirements, skills, drills and scenarios specific for hand, stick, knife and gun level 1.

Table of Contents
Part 1: The Level One Close Quarter Concepts Commonalties
 - Chapter 1: Introduction to the Stop 6
 - Chapter 2: The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why Questions 
 - Chapter 3: Stop 1 of the Stop 6: The Stand-off/Showdown Confrontations
 - Chapter 4: The Who Question  
 - Chapter 5: Walking Point! Searching in rural, suburban and urban areas
 - Chapter 6: Pre-Fight, Pre-Crime, Pre-Weapon Indicators 
 - Chapter 7: The Interview and Fighting Stances 
 - Chapter 8: The Combat Clock 
 - Chapter 9: Sucker Punches, Preemptive Strikes, Jacket Tricks and Set-Ups 
 - Chapter 10: Introduction to the Stalking Drill 
 - Chapter 11: Introduction to the Ambush/Dodge/Evasion Drill 
 - Chapter 12: Footwork #1: The Pendulum Steps 
 - Chapter 13: An Orderly Retreat
 - Chapter 14: The Laws of Pre-emptive Strikes and Weapon Brandishing 

Part 2: The Performance Requirements
 - Chapter 15: Force Necessary: Hand Level 1 
 - Chapter 16: Force Necessary: Stick Level 1 
 - Chapter 17: Force Necessary: Knife Level 1 
 - Chapter 18: Force Necessary: Gun Level 1 
 - Chapter 19: The Test Requirements

Addendum: Stress Draws/Lifts/Dismounts of Long Guns

New, revised edition of Training Mission Two coming in mid 2021....

What's the "author's cut?" We've heard the term "Director's Cut" in movies. But here, should you want an autographed, collectable, hardcover for your collection or as a gift, it's the author's cut you want. It costs a little more because the publisher sends the book to Hock first and he signs it and then sends it out, doubling the postage.

W. Hock Hochheim is a military vet, police vet and multiple martial arts, black belt vet with 3 decades of line operations experience, much of that time as a criminal investigator. He currently teaches hand, stick, knife and gun in some 25 seminars a year in 11 allied countries.


"Hock released the 2nd edition of his Training Mission One book and it is a fantastic resource. It is not a martial arts manual, though it does show some techniques. It's packed with tons of well thought out and researched info on a wide array of topics that would be useful to anyone in LE or security or anyone into martial arts from a "real world" self-defense perspective. If you are a hand, stick, knife, or gun person, or train to deal with hand, stick, knife, and/or gun problems, you really should grab this book. I can almost guarantee you there are topics in this book that never occurred to you and you're going to want to incorporate into your training. Seriously, get the damn book already!" - Kevin Bradbury, Kansas City, MO


"If Hock Hochheim wrote want to read it." - Shawn Zirger, Canada

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