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W. Hock Hochheim has written more on the art and science of close quarter combat than perhaps any other person in our generation. His work is based on real-life experience first working in the military police in Korea during a time when it was considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to be. Later he drew upon his adventures as as a policeman, and a detective in one of the most action-packed and largest counties of the time in Texas.
During his time as a detective Hock worked more than 1500 violent crime cases. He's been in the fights and he's learned first-hand what worked and what didn't. Add to that the fact that Hock trained with some of the best martial artists of the time in all types of system. Hock has a unique gift for taking complex systems and breaking them down into easy to understand components. That's what his books do. They break down complex fighting systems into easy to digest portions so you can learn how to fight. Even a monkey can kill you with a knife if they get lucky. Fate favors those who are prepared. Hock took the time to learn and perfect the systems and write the books. We strongly recommend you read them if you have concerns about your own safety or that of your family.
In addition to Hock's large volume of work as a self-defense author and Instructor he's also an excellent men's action adventure writer. Recently Hock signed a 7 book deal with Wolfpack Publishing. Soon they will re-release his fictional body of work. These stories are fiction but they are based on real-life scenarios. Hock brings a deep knowledge of people, psychology and environments to his work as well. Once you start reading Hock's fiction you won't be able to put the book down until you've turned the last page. They are that good. If you want to buy the original work in it's original form, we suggest you get it now.