Dwight McLemore and W. Hock Hochheim: Big Knife Fighting - Sort: A-Z

Dwigh McLemore has contributed perhaps more to the knowledge of Bowie Knife Fighting than anyone in current-time. W. Hock Hochheim has contributed more to the knowledge of fighting with long and short blades than perhaps anyone in this century. Study both for the most comprehensive education on how to fight with knives in all ranges of combat. Hock Hochheim has written more about knife-fighting as a whole over the last 30 years than perhaps any other person. Study their work for a comprehensive knowledge of big-blade offensive and defensive knife tactics and strategies. Learn through Dwight or Hock's videos, or if you prefer to train in person, schedule to attend one of Hock's seminar training events at Shop Hock Hochheim SEMINARS AND TANGIBLE PRODUCTS