Stop 6 Collision Course: Stop 4 The Shoulder Line Collision!

Stop 6 Collision Course: Stop 4 The Shoulder Line Collision!
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Actor(s): Jeff "Rawhide" Laun
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 50 minutes

Size: 433.0 MB

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Stop 4: The Shoulder Crash The Biceps, Neck and Shoulder Crash with Mixed Weapons 
by Hock Hochheim Stop 4 of the Stop 6  

Series is the crashing collision at the biceps, clavicle, neck and shoulder line. Very common. Here are some unarmed and mixed weapon solutions. You will learn:  

. The push/rush module  
. Arm positioning Stiff arm drills  
. Stop 4 strikes  
. Counters to  Stop 4 strikes  
. Stop 4 Kick sets  
. Counters to Stop 4 kicks  
. Traps and grabs  
. Biceps ride  
. Releases and escapes  
. Stress pistol quick draws  
. Counters to pistol quick draws  
. Stress knife quick draws  
. Counters to knife quick draws  
. Solutions to the prison stitch ...and much more  

Approx 50 minutes Learn solutions from W. Hock Hochheim, a military, police and martial veteran . This film is force on force, interactive simulated ammo skills, drills and scenarios. This film constitutes Level 4 of the Force Necessary Stop 6 Course. It changes and evolves to incorporate evolutions in learning styles, law enforcement agency requirements, and additional training methods as they become available. If you need information about current certification requirements contact Hock directly at

"Hock is always trying to find ways to, 1) bring his experience and, 2) bring 'aliveness' into his training." - Badger Johnson "Hock, hands down YOU WORK IS REALLY GREAT, top techniques, top lectures THANK YOU!" - John Masters

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