Gun - Pistol Retention

Gun - Pistol Retention
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Year: 214
Actor(s): Jeff Laun (Trainer) , Hock Hochheim (Instructor)
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 62 minutes
Size: 494.3 MB

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Pistol Retention  
by Hock Hochheim

“In 26 years, a few people have tried to take my gun from me. One was pretty dramatic, described in this film. Handgun retention is a lot more than pushing your gun in your holster and a wrestling match. It is a vicious battle for life or death. No brag, just fact that I have tried to forge the most comprehensive program on the subject you'll find (I know I've seen all the other stuff.)
All the concealed carriers out there - and so many have no earthly idea about the extent of this struggle. People should at very least have a working knowledge of and practice on this information" - Hock

* Retention carry sites and gear
* Retention stances and positions
* Retention spectrum - from carry site on thru shooting.
* Retention blocks, strikes, kicks
* Retention baton work mentioned
* Retention knife work mentioned
* Retention cornering
* Retention through Stop 6 program
* Retention survival questions and issues
* Retention standing and on the ground
* Retention stories and histories
* One Hour and 2 minutes
* Co-starring veteran Black Belt and police officer, Jeff "Rawhide" Laun

Learn solutions from W. Hock Hochheim, a military, police and martial veteran. This film is force on force, interactive simulated ammo skills, drills and scenarios. This film constitutes a Level of Hock's Force Necessary Gun Course. This entire gun course is about situational, simulated ammo training, or "External Focus" leaving the "internal focus of bullseye marksmanship" to all the other great instructors out there.
One Hour and 2 minutes

* "Just watched it . Very good material and excellent training format," John Cuthberth, Memphis, TN

* "This is the most comprehensive, in-depth method of research presented anywhere. No aspect is left untouched." - Bret Gould, Retired, Police Officer and Martial artist. 

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