Knife 1 - Stress Quick Draws

Knife 1 - Stress Quick Draws
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Knife Stress Quick Draws
by W. Hock Hochheim

The stress quick draw is the bedrock for all the following levels of study. “Getting the knife out!” One of the most important aspects in knife combatives, if not thee, first and most important aspects, is drawing/pulling out the knife when you desperately need it. In this training film, Hock covers stress quick draw exercises through the Stop 6 program - the 6 common stopping points of a fight, as in stand-up problems on through ground problems. See the innovative drills and exercises on this subject. Plus this film covers more live-saving information found inside Level One of this internationally practiced Knife course.

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful videos that you produced on the topic. I joined your discussion group recently and decided to try your Level 1 video. After buying it and viewing it, I'm sold on your training techniques. I will be proceeding with the entire course. Although I have been studying the traditional martial arts for 12 years now, I think that I will also be giving your Unarmed Series a serious look." - Chuck Callahan

"Hock, coming from law enforcement, I wish to thank you personally for the material you have presented in video format, and look forward to using more of what you have to present. I wish to thank you for your open-minded views on other instructors. I know that, you too, have so much to present, to keep me coming home to my family in one piece and help me stay out of hot water." - HapkidoDoin

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