Knife 4 - Reverse Grip, Claw of the Cat

Knife 4 - Reverse Grip, Claw of the Cat
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Run Time: 47 minutes
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Claw of the Cat 
by Hock Hochheim 
This is the return of one of Hock's popular knife modules in the 1990s, he did away with the original because it was deemed too violent! “This film comes from police experience and research. This module was the old 1990’s “Alley Cat Street Fighter.” Remember that was back in the day when Chuck Norris action movies ran supreme. Different time and different "names." It included a popular 'claw of the cat' panther speech, (hence the new module name). The old 90s module was very raw and violent with minimum legal issues discussed. As a result I thought it best to hide the course away. But, my friends insisted I bring it back as it was one of their favorites. Now revised as Claw of the Cat it has new information, evolved with newer methods, new ways for skill development and full of important, modern, legal issues. The subject covers a very succinct criminal situation, as in a mugging/robbery or ‘bully,’ assault or potential kidnapping, type of crime” - Hock.

(Use this film for the training methods needed in Level 4 of the Knife course)

Some topics
- reverse grip slash, stab, block and combination basics
- skill drills
- ways of the mugger, assaulter
- quick and clandestine weapon draws
- grip releases and weapon retention
- counter attacks
- standing, kneeling, ground
- the Claw freestyle combat scenarios
- and much more.

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"Anyone who knows me at all, knows I take my martial arts training seriously. Although I enjoy all the material I work, there is just something special about Hock's Knife/Counter-knife Combatives Program. The material is probably my favorite material to work. I had a great time at Gracie 601 tonight working with folks serious about training to THRIVE in chaos! The looks I get from the newbies as we're working up close and personal with (training!) blades is priceless!" - David "The Dawg" Kerwood, MS.

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