Stick 03 - Axe Handle Fighting

Stick 03 - Axe Handle Fighting
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Year: 2015
Actor(s): W. Hock Hochheim (Instructor) , Jeff Laun (Trainer) , Jason Gutierrez (Trainer)
Genre(s): Action
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 54 minutes
Size: 502.9 MB

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Axe Handle Fighting! A Crash Course   
by W. Hock Hochheim   

"Several years ago I picked up a 28 inch axe handle. It had no axe head on the end, just the handle. It felt amazing in my hand. What ergonomics! The perfect curved handle, the diameter shaped like a fat sword, even has an edge to it. The flattened end where the head fits is great for strikes. The axe handle is a tool specially built through the ages for striking, hardened for pressure to withstand great duress. My round Filipino training stick, in my hand routinely since 1986, was also about 28 inches, but, I asked myself “why must I use this for real problems?” Why am I not using this more perfect axe handle instead of the defined, classic, "martial arts" stick. Was it politics? Or mindlessness? Social pressure? Tradition? Why? As a result, I began to convert the stick basics from the ages of martial stick doctrine over to the axe handle. Keeping some of it. Dropping much of it. Here they are." - Hock

"I also want to add that I use this film as the main film for teaching the all the single hand grip and double hand grip basic moves and ideas. It is a foundational video for ALL stick work, martial arts or otherwise." - Hock

"The handy axe handle. Garage, home, workplace, car-truck, camping, where ever! The smaller 28" one (not a bigger one or a pick axe handle!) is elegantly shaped and feels much like a sword. I wouldn’t favor the bigger axe and pick handles. In fact, when someone asks me for my “single stick” program, I tell them to get this axe handle film because it has all the strikes, blocks and some methods in stick grappling." - Hock

In this one-hour video, learn these axe handle tactics, exercises, skills and combat scenarios:
. Single-hand grip strikes
. Double-hand grip strikes
. Blocking
. Retention
. Introduction to grappling
....and much more.

"I love Hock Hochheim material. Especially his weapons courses. It's the " what you NEED", covers all the bases without any tacti-cool BS curriculum fillers. All taught in a well organized logical progression." - Jeff Burger, Boston, MA

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