PAC I: Stick and Knife Espada Y Daga - Hock's Filipino and PAC

PAC I: Stick and Knife Espada Y Daga - Hock's Filipino and PAC
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Espada Y Daga  
With Stick...With Knife: The Essentials  
by W. Hock Hochheim  

“Studying martial arts is a hobby for me. An investigation. My real interest is essential, practical, tactical material. All the curtains striped away to see the back wall of the stage. But, I still mess with and work on my hobbies. One topic in my hobbies is Filipino Martial Arts and one aspect of this hobby is Espada Y Daga. When looking at FMA material, I am only interested in the essential aspects of it, from many FMA systems and styles. I have never been happy or satisfied with just one. Thus the “Freelancer” nickname I was given by Ernesto Presas.

“Thus these essentials. What are the universal essentials of Espada y Daga, with stick, with knife, to and from all FMA systems? Since training in many systems in FMA since 1986, I believe I have collected an essential package on this subject. Unlocked it, organized it and even de-mystified it as much as I can.” - Hock

See and learn:
 - History, definitions and basics overview
 - Essential stick-side strikes and blocks
 - Essential knife-side strikes and blocks
 - Essential, unison stick-side and knife-side strikes and blocks
 - Elements of success like elasticity, footwork and athleticism
 - Espada y Daga give-and-take exercises and skill drills
 - Defeating the Patterns
 - Espada y Daga grappling and takedowns
 - Espada y Daga freestyle sparring observations
 - Classic, 1980s and 1990s Presas Family Espada y Daga drills

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Approx 55 minutes

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