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Hock Hochheim believes that gun training with simulated ammunition, of all levels and types, will completely revolutionize firearm training. This gun self-defense training and gun offensive training will help you become skilled in all types of combat. Your training would not be complete without realistic interactive sims. His videos provide realistic scenarios in places where gun fights are most likely to happen. Learn through video training by downloading and viewing one of Hock's excellent videos, or book a seminar to attend one of Hock's in-person training sessions at Buy the video here, or book a seminar with hock at Shop Hock Hochheim SEMINARS AND TANGIBLE PRODUCTS
"You will always have to learn how to run your gun at the range, but as quickly as possible switch over to gun simulated ammo and start fighting against moving, thinking enemies that shoot back. You simply are not learning how to gun fight if you are not working through situational scenarios. For every 15 minutes on the range, you need to spend 45 minutes with gun simulated ammo gun fighting against moving, thinking people shooting back at you." --Hock