Seminar - Houston, 14-15 August, 2021 - Hock's Combatives and PAC/FMA

Seminar - Houston, 14-15 August, 2021 - Hock's Combatives and PAC/FMA

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W. Hock Hochheim 
"5 Things" "Ring of Fire!" 
Pacific Archipelago (and Filipino Seminar) 
August 14, 15 2021 

Whats the "5 Things?" We will cover 5 topics in each major category, Mano-Mano/Kajukenbo, single stick, double stick, knife, stick and knife. We have special guest instructors. This is the ONE PAC theme seminar in the USA, gathered for rank, instructorships, or just train for knowledge.

Special sessions on:
* Hand - Mano Mano - Kaju - Sinawali Boxing
* Single stick
* Double stick
* Knife
* Espada y Daga
* Geared for instructor development
* Geared for you to progress in PAC and FMA course ranking.
* or just, simply train for knowledge. The choice is always yours.

Materials from:
- The Philippines
- Japan
- Indonesia
- Hawaii

W. Hock Hochheim has over 40 years experience in military, policing and martial arts. As an Army military police patrol officer and investigator, and as a retired Texas patrol officer and detective, and as private investigator and protection/bodyguard, he has worked all those years in "line operations" never taking a promotions exam or admin job.

Hock possesses a unique experience and savvy that very few other instructors have, all blended with a career in the martial arts dating back to 1972 and the earning of several black belts in various Pacific Island/Archipelago martial arts from the Philippines, Hawaii and Japan.

"I have a 3rd degree black belt from Ernesto and a 2nd degree black belt from Remy. From them, originally. I started in Modern Arnis (Remy) in 1986 and Arnis De Mano (Ernesto) in 1988. I hosted both of them many times through the years. They have stayed at my home for weeks at a time, as I have stayed in the Presas home on the Negros Island. I was also a private student of theirs as they liked to work out between seminars (Ernesto more than Remy). I have also made multiple, long, training trips to the Philippines. Plus, I am thankful for my ten years in the Inosanto Family Systems and their training in various Filipino and Asian systems. I believe this weekend I can show you essential combative aspects and progressions in double weapons for example, that are rarely seen, that I learned overseas and in private sessions, step-by-step on up to fighting." - Hock

Hock has forged his PAC-FMA and Force Necessary courses from the military, the police, the martial arts and the aware citizenry, as each group knows things about fighting that the others do not. Hock has been a paid consultant trainer for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. He has taught at police academies for police agencies, be they street or SWAT, in the US, South Africa, England, Ireland, Germany and Australia. He currently teaches some 20 seminars a year in 11 countries as far as China and Australia. He has recently taught the Italian Special Operations, Belgium Counter terrorism Units and the Australian Army.

Held at: Location:
John Peek's, Krav Haganah Global, 20801 Gulf Fwy #55, Webster, TX 77598 . Webster is between Houston and Galveston. There are many motels and hotels tight in the immediate area.

* $200 2 days * $150 any one day * $700. Special Group Rate! $700! Traveling in? Staying at hotel? Bring in 5 to 8 of your tightly connected students/friends of your group/school for only $700. (Please, all must be officially with you. ALL MUST be travelers, needing to stay in a hotel. No sandbagging. If at least 5 do not show? Then, the tuition returns to individual attendance of $200 per person.)

9:30 am to 5:30-ish pm each day
Preregister now with this $99 down and pay the rest at the door. Split the tuition over two paychecks or several months!

Please wear street clothes! Especially pants with pockets and a street belt. Please bring ALL your gear. Training knives, guns, sticks. Two focus mitts or two Thai-style pads. We will have some to share, but it would be wise and helpful to bring some. On the training knives, please try to bring a dull, training folder. If you have a fixed blade trainer, having a sheath and belt for it would be smart and good because these things just don't appear in your hands, you have to draw them out.

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