Seminar - 'Merica! The Seminar! March 12-13 Nashville, TN - Royal Range

Seminar - 'Merica! The Seminar! March 12-13 Nashville, TN - Royal Range

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'Merica Seminar! 
March 12-13, 2022 
Nashville, TN -  The Royal Range! 
Learn American-Western Fighting Methods. 
Join us in this celebration of martial education - The 'Merica Seminar! 

Organizer/Architect W. Hock Hochheim, military vet, police vet and martial vet, covers US military Combatives from WW I on up covering hand, stick-baton, knife and gun. There will be no submission, tap-out wrestling, just  fast..."Nazi-Killing."

Snake Blocker, Retired Navy, war vet, overseas contractor, martial vet, star of the Deadliest Warrior TV show. A full-bloodied Apache, will teach Apache Knife Fighting, as well as display and lecture on weapons and methods from Apache history.

Dr. Jeff "The Mad Professor" Allen - an actual real, college professor and major university department head, and finalist in the popular, national Title Boxing challenge, will cover aspects of drills and methods of sport boxing and bare knuckle boxing, all through the auspices that the bare fist is a real world, self defense concern. What counts, what shouldn't count from sport boxing? 

David "The Big Dawg" Kerwood, Navy vet, war vet, martial vet, has been obsessed with knife and axe throwing for decades and has evolved into an excellent, certified teacher on these subjects.

Test Fire Automatic Weapons for Free! by the Royal Range police and military staff veteran staff. That's right! Art and the brain trust of the Royal Range have notified me that they've released numerous automatic weapons and AMMUNITION for us to test-fire FOR FREE for attendees.  

Subjects covered-
  • Knife Throwing Instruction.
  • Axe Throwing Instruction.
  • Introduction to Tomahawk Fighting Methods by Apache Snake Blocker.
  • Introduction to Apache Knife Fighting by Snake Blocker.
  • Introduction to Bare Knuckle Boxing Methods.
  • Introduction to US Military Combatives from WW I to Present
  • Free test-fires of machine guns!
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities.
  • Come on Friday, stay Monday & shoot any & all guns at the RR!
  • And even more courses in development!
  • 'MERICA!
We have some training equipment for you to loan but you must bring all your gear too!
Get a free wooden bowie-big-knife trainer for the first 20 people to register.
Get a free wooden tomahawk for the first 20 people to register.
Get an "Merica Seminar Series" attendance training certificate for 2-day attendance.
Plenty of guns, ammo, knives, real "hawks", and gear for sale up front at the Royal Range shop.

* The Royal Range Nashville, TN. A movie theater cleverly transformed into shooting ranges and classrooms.
* 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Arrive at 8:30 a.m. to get ready.
* $250 for two full days.
* $200 for any one day.
* $125 Preregistration. Space will be limited. Reserve your spot, but be advised if you can't come you will lose this because you will be depriving a slot for someone else!
* $1,000. Special Group Rate! Traveling in? Staying at hotel? Bring in 6 to 8 of your tightly connected students/friends of your group/school for only $1,000. (Please, all MUST be officially with you. ALL MUST be travelers, needing to stay in a hotel. No sandbagging. If at least 6 do not show? Then, the tuition returns to individual attendance of $250 per person.) This is paid at the door, via headcount at sign in.
* Each approximately 2 hour session may be purchased separately for $100 each. But, save time and money and come for the whole weekend. Each subject will be done twice, once each day, to rotate people through the topics.
* Come early and stay late, and visit Nashville! 
* Popular resturants and affordable hotels right acress the highway.
* (Remember the Royal Range looks closed that early in the morning. Approach the front "wall" on the left side. Make a hard, fast turn right behind that thin front wall and you'll see the actual store front. Enter through the reguar front doors.)  

Contact Hock for early details,

 I can tell you right don't want to miss this!" - Hock

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