Hock Hochheim - Book - Training Mission 3

Hock Hochheim - Book - Training Mission 3
Year: 2003
Genre(s): Action , Adventure , Sport , Biography , War
Studio(s): Lauric Press
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Size: 105 MB

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Training Mission Three 
by W. Hock Hochheim

This book is one of a series of Traning Mission books. No one in history has ever amassed such a comprehensive encyclopedia on this collective body of hand, stick, knife and gun CQC combatives, all a forged hybrid from military, police, martial arts and medical, historical and psychological disciplines. Every citizen,martial artist, soldier, guard and cop must study Hock's courses and own this material if they want to fully understand the broad range of tactics. With all his experience, research, his books, videos and seminars, Hock has become an institution.

This book contains vital tactics, drills, scenarios, strategies and psychology on:
. The Level Three Unarmed Combatives Module
. DMS Combat Stick Module
. The Reverse Grip Slash Knife Module
. The Arrest, Control, Contain Gun Module

W. Hock Hochheim has instructed the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, allied troops, SWAT teams and police officers from over 170 academies and agencies as well as thousands of citizens and martial artists around the world. He is a commendated Texas police and U.S. Army military vet with three decades of experience, a former private investigator and a graduate of many academies, street survival courses and combat schools. With Black Belts in Filipino, Japanese and Hawaiian systems, Hock was inducted into the prestigious Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. He was awarded the title of Guro in Manila, the Philippines in 1993.

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