Hock Hochheim - Pacific Archipelago Combatives 6

Hock Hochheim - Pacific Archipelago Combatives 6
Year: 2004
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 42 minutes
Size: 696 MB

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Pacific Archipelago Combatives 6
by W. Hock Hochheim

Taught by world renown hand, stick, knife, gun combatives expert W. Hock Hochheim, a commendated Texas police vet, former U.S. Army Investigator, former Private Investigator and earner of multiple Black Belts in Japanese, Filipino and Hawaiian Martial Arts. He was appointed an Arnis Guro in Manila, The Philippines in 1993. With his training, experience and research, he has forged the most modern, practical Pacific Archipelago Close Quarter Combat courses found anywhere.

See and Learn: PAC Level 6:

- Unlocking Sinawali Level 6 Strategies and Drills. This covers the classic 6-Beat, Hit-6 Sinawali pattern and the many, many variations.
- The Make the Connection Series Level 6 strategies and drills. Here in Level 6, Hock takes the Hit-6 pattern and works the patterns and variations through the PAC weapons continuum.

"I have seen other instructors teach FMA and you are the only person that I have seen that shows the true application of techniques. For instance, I spent some money on a couple of DVDs that cover single and double stick Arnis. Upon review of the tapes, the instructor spent 90 minutes showing drills with no application of the techniques. Needless to say, I haven't watched them since my initial review of them. What I am trying to say is that the system and methodology that you teach is successful." - Dan Evans, Indiana

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