Seminar - Germany April 15-16 Combatives and FMA

Seminar - Germany  April 15-16 Combatives and FMA
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W. Hock Hochheim 
Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun Combatives and PAC-FMA Seminar  
April 15-16  Bamberg, Germany 

(No registration money collected here, contact host below or pay at the door.
Ignore the price on this page. Contact host below for details)
  • Special sessions on the Stop 6 Collision Contact course.   
  • Special sessions on extreme close quarters with, without and against weapons. 
  • Special Filipino and PAC knife subjects session. 
  • Rank and Instructor development and achievement, or just train for knowledge. 
  • No experience needed, (this ain't brain surgery!) 
  • Attendees receive a training attendence certificate and the special SFC Eagle challange coin.
W. Hock Hochheim has over 51 years experience in military, policing and martial arts. As an Army military police patrol officer and investigator, and as a retired Texas patrol officer and detective, and as private investigator and protection/bodyguard, he has worked all those years in line operations, never taking a promotions exam or admin job.

He possesses a unique experience and savvy that very few other instructors have, all blended with a career in the martial arts dating back to 1972 and the earning of several black belts in various Pacific Island/Archipelago martial arts from the Philippines, Hawaii and Japan.

This is his 27th year as a traveling seminar teacher. He has forged his Force Necessary courses from the military, the police, the martial arts and the aware citizenry, as each group knows things about fighting that the others do not. Hock has been a paid consultant trainer for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. He has taught at police academies for police agencies, be they street or SWAT, in the US, South Africa, England, Ireland, Germany and Australia. He has recently taught the Italian Special Operations, Belgium Counter terrorism Units and the Australian Army. He currently teaches some 12 to 16 seminars a year in 9 to 11 countries a year.

Held at:
Christian Streits's DCS - Martial Arts Academy Bamberg
Böttgerstraße 6, Bamberg, Germany
Email for all information:

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