FMA - The Filipino Stick and Knife Espada Y Daga

FMA - The Filipino Stick and Knife Espada Y Daga
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Espada Y Daga  
With Stick...With Knife: The Essentials  
by the Gringo! W. Hock Hochheim  

"One topic in my hobbies is Filipino Martial Arts and one aspect of this hobby is obscure Espada Y Daga. When looking at FMA material, I am only interested in the essential aspects of it, from many FMA systems and styles. I've never been happy or satisfied with just one. Thus the pursuit of the raw essentials. What are the universal essentials of Espada y Daga, with stick, with knife, to and from all FMA systems? Since training in many systems in FMA since 1986, I believe I have collected an essential, combatives package on this subject. Unlocked it, organized it and even de-mystified it as much as I can.” - Hock

See and learn:
- History, definitions & basics overview
- Essential stick-side strikes & blocks
- Essential knife-side strikes & blocks
- Essential, stick & knife strikes & blocks
- Elements of success like elasticity, footwork & athleticism
- Espada y Daga give-and-take exercises
- "Inside and outside" skill drills
- Defeating the universal Patterns
- Espada y Daga grappling & takedowns
- Espada y Daga freestyle sparring observations
- 1980s and 1990s Presas Espada y Daga drills

  • "I don't give out many recommendations.. So when I do you know it's in stone! Hock is one of the best teachers in the business. I tend to have this problem with giving college level material a little quick. It is something that I am working on. But Hock has this uncanny gift to bring you through the grades, elementary, middle, high school and then college and he does it in a way that you retain the information at a high analytical level. I for sure recommend his material. And especially for the person who may not want to dive head first into FMA but still wants the essence of FMA.. You will not find a better guide..." - Guro Billy Brown, Tampa, Florida
  • "Brilliant material, sir!!! Can't wait to see you in Nashville." - James Robert Dooley, JR. Missouri
  • "This is a fantastic video! First time seeing it. There is a TON of fundamental material packed in here. Thanks for making it available!" - Shane Denham, Michigan USA
  • "Anybody needing to work on their stick and dagger/sword and dagger skills, step on up. Might prove useful in the coming years. Thanks for putting this up Hock!" - Randell Powell, Kentucky
  • "I’ve gotta say, that was a great video, so much info in one spot!" - Davvid Young, Japan

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Approx 55 minutes

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