Knife - Push Dagger - Training Film by Hock Hochheim

Knife - Push Dagger - Training Film by Hock Hochheim
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Run Time: 55 minutes
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The Push Dagger  
by W Hock Hochheim  

The ubiquitous push dagger has been around in some shape or manner for centuries in various countries, militaries and martial arts. So deadly, so efficient, so ominous-looking, it is illegal almost everywhere. And then, with this illegality comes the lack of available training for its use when needed in crime-fighting and war. W. Hock Hochheim has researched the knife (and these other punching and hammer-fisting, "fist knives," and offers a practical and tactical training course for its maximum use in everything from applications to standing and ground combat scenarios.

Carry Sites
Slashing work
Stabbing work
Slash and stab work
Stab and slash work
Dagger and support strikes and kicks
Dagger Ground fighting
Combat scenarios vs. hand, stick, knife, gun