Knife 9 - Knife Ground Fighting - Rattlesnake Knife!

Knife 9 - Knife Ground Fighting - Rattlesnake Knife!
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Actor(s): Jeff "Rawhide" Laun (Trainer)
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): Hock Hochheim
Writer(s): Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 56 minutes
Size: 780.5 MB

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Rattlesnake Knife! Knife Ground Fight    
by Hock Hochheim

"In the 1970s and 80s, as a patrolman and detective in the Army and in Texas, I knew a whole lot of fighting occurred on the ground. Certainly knife fighting. I began to explore this subject thanks to the Inosanto family with Hartsell (Catch) and Shootfighting. But with a wary, skeptical eye on the sports angle. Adaptation not replication. By the early 90s, with BJJ - UFC there was a martial revolution in the ground and we all thought...'ho-hum? New? No.' With the knife subject, by the 90s there were just a few of us, part of a "knife redux," relook, evolution, the past systemologies being mostly about big-knife-dueling and we realized there was so much more in crime and war than that "slice." I started slaving over the knife subject which had to include knife ground fighting. Much of the knife courses you see today take for granted what a few of us did in the 90s." - Hock In May, 2014, Hock conducted a semi-private, 7-hour, knife ground fighting session in Texas, meant to be a crash course on the subject and cover the requirements of one of his Force Necessary: Knife levels. It was filmed by Run N Gun Media and turned into this one-hour professional production. It is CRAM-FILLED with information and ideas.

In it you will learn:
- The big 3 knife ground fight situations
- Who, what, where, when, how and why of knife ground fighting
- How and why we hit the ground
- Fundamental ground maneuvers
- Ground stress draws
- Cut loose exercises
- Training for impact exercises
- Ground catch exercise sets
- Ground leg guard/shield
- Destruction pump stab
- Flinch responses to catch set stabs
- Lefty versus righty problem-solving
- Various ground releases
- Ground knife disarm options
- Ryan series solutions and counters
- Scenario exercises
- Training drill options
- ...and more

"Wow, I must say, without giving too much away, the film instruction meets and exceeds anybody's expectations. I am a big proponent of 'alive' practices and I am opposed to all of the 'indicating' things or 'collections of tricks'. Hock's training is NOT like this, ever. It is entirely alive, which means 'footwork, movement, energy, timing, positioning, reality and active resisting opponents." - Badger Johnson, Canada

"Lifting weights tonight and reviewing Hock Hochheim's Ground Knife Fighting video for the umpteenth time. Man, I forgot how good this particular film is. Unsolicited plug here. Great resources available." - Rob Kloss of Cornerstone Martial Arts, north Delaware

"As always, outstanding material and excellent presentation by you Hock!" - Rodolfo Valdes, Argentina 

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