Knife - Saber Stabs, "Quicker Kills" Training Film by Hock Hochheim

Knife - Saber Stabs, "Quicker Kills"  Training Film by Hock Hochheim
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Year: 2016

Actor(s): Jeff Laun (Training Assistant) , Hock Hochheim (Trainer)

Genre(s): war , Documentary , Crime , Sport , self defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 54 minutes
Size: 529 MB

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The Saber Stab 
by Hock Hochheim 

Level 3 of the Force Necessary: Knife! Course 

“Use your knife, to save your life!” See vital, life-saving, skill-developing tactics and drills in standing and ground-fighting knife situations.  

This film is officially Level 3 of the Force Necessary:Knife! course. It covers any and all things about saber grip stabbing. 

- 4 blade angles of the stab
- Thrust and hooking attacks
- Basic and advanced attack angles
- Standing, moving, kneeling, ground
- Quicker, more effective, "kill/disabling" targets like brain, throat, heart and scenarios sampling them
- Various skill developing exercises and drills
- Two vital scenario sets: The Three Hooks and the Three Thrusts
- Legal issues

"This turned out to be a great instructional film in the official progression, I think. It comes from decades of experience and teaching and has captured all the material I wanted to relay." - Hock

"Some immarure and incompletely training knife people claim there is no such thing as a quick kill. I comment that - 'ok, you are stabbed in the forearm, or you ar stabbed in the windpipe. Which is a quicker kill?'  And anyway this film is about 'quicker,' nor quick." - Hock

"Hi Hock, I bought your SABER STAB DVD and it`s great! You did a superb job!!! Your Knife Course it`s just the best! And I know it, because I have over 30 years experience in martial arts and self defense, so I have other knife-systems to compare. I've seen many knife-systems who where incomplete (dueling only) or far too complicated to learn. Or worse, things that where impossible to apply under real pressure. So I would recommend to ANYONE your knife-course who seek a course which you can really RELY. Have a nice day." Juan Orbect, Zurich, Switzerland

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