Hock Hochheim - Knife - Support the Knife

Hock Hochheim - Knife - Support the Knife
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Run Time: 57 minutes
Size: 625 MB

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Support the Knife Training Film 
“While Holding” Strikes, Kicks, Pommels and Closed Folders 
W. Hock Hochheim Force Necessary, Knife-Counter-Knife course 

“Use your knife, to save your life! See and learn vital, life-saving, skill-developing tactics and drills  
in standing and ground-fighting knife situations."

"Rugby with a knife. Its a broad, general phrase I use for a typical knife fight. It just gets folks to thinking about the clash and collision in an edged weapon fight. There's a possibly of some knife dueling involved, sure, but many knife struggles get very close and fast and ...rough. Really rough. And...bad. Many edged-weapon trainers and practitioners really emphasize dueling, the stabbing and the slashing along with some arm manipulations. Some way over-emphasize endless, pitty-patty, knife drills. You might say these arm manipulations and pitty-patty "support" the knife attack. Somewhat. But here in this film (and throughout my knife course) you can find the emphasis on using the rest of your body to support the fight in this bloody, rugby mess, standing and on the ground- Hock

 This film is officially Level 2 of the Force Necessary: Knife! course. Supporting the Knife. It’s a crash course on “while holding.”

. Less-Than-Lethal Knife Methods
. Support Hand Strikes & Kicks
. Pommel Strikes of the closed folder and fixed blade
. The Brass Knuckle 5
. Chain of Command
. Body Elasticity through the Ambush, Dodge and Evasion Drill
. Stop 1 of the Stop 6
. The “Who” study of the Ws and H Module

“This second level of this course fits in very closely with the first level, and in a way, actually finishes off and enhances the topic of stress quick draws, as well as develops support skills like striking and kicking while holding your knife. All this is foundational, mandatory knowledge if you take on the controversial challenge of truly using the knife to save your life.” - Hock

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