Hock Hochheim - TM - Combat Black Belt

Hock Hochheim - TM - Combat Black Belt
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Year: 2005
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 51 minutes
Size: 959 MB

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Black Belt
by W. Hock Hochheim

The Essence of Combat for Military, Police, Citizen and the Martial Artist. This Black Belt video bursts at the seams with some 300 hand, stick, knife and gun combat scenarios of practitioners performing their various Level 10 tests. W. Hock Hochheim, the project's architect, explains the history and science of his courses and what Level 10 black belt combatives judges will expect to see in such tests. Plus, the black belt requirements and philosophy of the courses are listed and explained. And, included here are some of the so-called "basement tape" segments that were never meant to be shown to the public, such as a leg break caught on film during one of the tests, and film segments of private instruction and tests. "The prior nine levels build the Level 10 tests. Now it is time for the big ones, the "black belt" level, if you will, rites of passage. It ALL comes together here." - Hock

See the scenarios, the acting and improvisation, the force-on-force, what you really wish a black belt level test would be like? We've already been doing all that for years now. Whether you are going to prepare for these SFC tests, or any test or no test at all, or if you just want to watch non-stop action, you must watch and learn from Hock's doctrine and the scenarios shown here.

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