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Knives, perhaps more than any other weapon, stir the most fear in the hearts of combatants. Even if you resolve to never use a knife on someone else, you still need to train in both offensive and defensive tactics because anyone can introduce a knife into the fight at any time. A monkey can kill you with a knife if you are unprepared. Fate favors those who prepare. Knife training takes time and experience. Hock Hochheim recommends you train thoroughly and often. Beginning with his release of the Knife Fighting Encyclopedia in the 90's Hock quickly became the go-to person of our generation in knife fighting. Not only does he have extensive experience from his time as a military police officer in Korea, but also his 22+ years of experience as a policeman and then a detective in Texas where he worked more than 1,500 felony cases make him one of the most experienced people in knife action alive today. His training kept him save during very extreme fighting, and over the years Hock refined and polished the system and resolved to share it with others. That's what Hock's knife courses are based on. REAL EXPERIENCE. NOT HYPE. Begin anywhere. Study, learn and discover ways to defend yourself against the knife. Buy the video here, or book a seminar with hock at Shop Hock Hochheim SEMINARS AND TANGIBLE PRODUCTS