Marc Halleck - Silat Stick Combat 10

Marc Halleck - Silat Stick Combat 10
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Year: 2008

Actor(s): Marc Halleck (Instructor )

Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 48 minutes
Size: 570.3 MB

Available Licenses

 US$ 26.501 Film Unlimited Viewing
 US$ 32.501 Film Unlimited Viewing with 1 DVD burn


Silat Stick Combat 10
By Marc Halleck

Guro Halleck is a certified instructor with impeccable lineage under Guru Dan Inosanto as well as Gurus Ron Balicki, Rick Faye and W. Hock Hochheim. He holds various instructor ranks with many Pacific Archipelago instructors and systems.

This video covers the Level 10 requirements for his ground-breaking, 10-level Silat course. Focus on Hubad. Silat practitioners use Higot-Hubad-Lubad, (to blend, to tie, to untie), otherwise simply known as "Hubud", as a fantastic skill, contact and flow developing drill with hundreds of battle inserts.

- Segung
- Palsut
- Hubud Flow 1-4-1
- Hubud Flow 2-4-2
- Double 2 - Triple 2
- Hubad - The Straight Punch
- Hubad Switches 1-7
- Hubad Armdrags
- Hubad Dumog
- Hubad Locking
- Silat Throws

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