Marc Halleck - Silat Stick Combat 7

Marc Halleck - Silat Stick Combat 7
Year: 2008
Actor(s): Marc Halleck (Instructor)
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Studio(s): High Home Films
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 53 minutes

Size: 816.8 MB

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Silat Stick Combat 7
by Marc Halleck

Enter into the battle with Panantukan-the ballistic art of Filipino Boxing. Finish with devastating Indonesian Silat takedowns and finishes! Guro Halleck is a certified instructor with impeccable lineage under Guru Dan Inosanto as well as Gurus Ron Balicki, Rick Faye and W. Hock Hochheim. He holds various instructor ranks with many Pacific Archipelago instructors and systems.

This video covers the Level 7 requirements for his ground-breaking, 10-level Silat course.

Learn: - Panantukan / Filipino Level 7 hand strike drills-the Jab, Cross, Hook Series
- Filipino Hubad Drills (here are the classic inserts)
- More of the Hammer Lock Scenario Series
- More of the Hammer and Anvil Scenario Series
- Branch-up and Branch-down Kali/Silat Ground Fighting
- Kali/Silat Counter-Kick Series
- More Indonesian Silat Level 7 finishes and takedowns

There is none of the traditional, artsy, fancy, unbalanced stances and awkward positions found in so many Silat systems. This is only the best, hard core techniques. "I think that Panantukan boxing is the superior style of boxing. Imagine doing the best Thai and western boxing drills, only now with hammer-fists, palm strikes, slaps, forearms, elbows and body rams. These are great combat, skill developers. Then add to all that the unique and best aspects of the most combative Indonesian takedowns and throws. This is great stuff!" - Hock

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