Marc Halleck: Silat Combat - Sort: A-Z

Learn Guro Marc Halleck's powerful fighting system, Panantukan Silat. Enter into the battle with Panantukan-the ballistic art of Filipino Boxing. Finish with devastating, Indonesian Silat takedowns! Plus, learn Filipino Kali from Guro Halleck's vast experience as he dissects and explains Filipino Concepts! Guro Halleck is a certified instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto as well as Gurus Ron Balicki, Rick Faye and W. Hock Hochheim. He holds various instructor ranks with many Pacific Archipelago instructors and systems. "This is an excellent series!" -- Guru Dan Inosanto Learn from Marc's excellent videos, or better yet, take your training to the next step by training in person with Hock Hochheim himself in person at an actual training event. Schedule now atBuy the video here, or book a seminar with hock at Shop Hock Hochheim SEMINARS AND TANGIBLE PRODUCTS