McCann's Gound n' Pound

McCann's Gound n' Pound

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Reality Ground Fighting GROUND n’ POUND! Parts 1 and 2 
by Champion Jim McCann  

Devastating Strikes and Tie-Ups on the Ground

Jim McCann has collected, modified and forged the best Ground n’ Pound techniques on the planet for this dynamic double video set. No one, anywhere has collected these tactics and superior drills. The McCann Reality Ground Fighting scores with this ground-breaking video set. Not only is Jim a champ and close quarters combat expert, but he is a real champion instructor, a rare combination of experience, ingenuity, personality and great communication skills to teach the best of the best. Become the best! 

Learn in 1 and 2: 
- The complete, maximum Ground Strike Arsenal! 
- Learn to strike from all the top, bottom and side positions! 
- Learn to tie-up the opponent with tips, tricks and traps! 
- Learn to defeat common street attackers and trained athletes! 

"Some time back, I spent a lot of time with Jim McCann, my favorite ground fighting guy. We shot hours and hours of film for two projects. I finished the first project late last night. It's called Ground n' Pound and, without a doubt, it is the best ground fighting video I have ever produced, or ever SEEN! It deals with nothing but striking the enemy when he's dropped. The whole, full, arsenal of strikes and kicks. But more important, then he demonstrates one or two layers of quick, easy, ground tie-ups, traps and wraps to hold the enemy in place and successfully.

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This bundle contains the following products:

McCann - Ground Fighting - Ground and Pound - 1 of 2McCann - Ground Fighting - Ground and Pound - 1 of 2
McCann - Ground Fighting - Ground and Pound - 2 of 2McCann - Ground Fighting - Ground and Pound - 2 of 2