Book - Training Mission Two - Second Edition

Book - Training Mission Two - Second Edition
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Training Mission 2 - Second Edition
by W. Hock Hochheim

275 how-to pages
Over 2,000 how-to photos

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    “For more than 4 decades I wanted to create a program that was the essence of combat. Style-free. Arts-free. Sports-free. The essence of hand, stick, knife and gun fighting. I envisioned a person skilled in unarmed combatives, yet armed with a rifle, or a pistol, or a stick or a knife, or all of them, that could fight standing, seated, kneeling and on the ground, utilizing their “hands,” or whatever weapon was needed, and doing what was morally and legally necessary to win/survive the crime or war situation. These Training Mission books document my mission.” - Hock

     Hock’s Training Mission Two is an unarmed and multi-weapon collection of his Force Necessary, Level 2 hand, stick, knife and gun course materials. The material is organized through his Stop 6 training program as its skeleton. Stop 2 is all the vital collisions that spring from fingers on fingers, hands on hands, hands on wrists unarmed and armed problems. Releases, drills, exercises and scenarios.  A practitioner may choose to study one or all of these 4 courses. 
    The book is in two parts. Part 1 covers the hand, stick, knife, gun universal commonalities of the Stop 2 of the Stop 6. Part 2 of the book covers the physical and mental requirements, skills, drills and scenarios specific for hand, stick, knife and gun Force Necessary level 2. Force Necessary: Hand Level 2 covers Stop 2 unarmed basics as well as has its own trajectory and covers more problems than just Stop 2 situations.

W. Hock Hochheim is a military vet, police vet and multiple martial arts, black belt vet with 3 decades of line operations experience, much of that time as a criminal investigator. He currently teaches hand, stick, knife and gun in some 25 seminars a year in 11 allied countries.

Part 1: The Level Two Close Quarter Concepts Commonalties 
   Chapter 1: Stop 2                                    
   Chapter 2: The What Question                            
   Chapter 3: The Importance of the Grab and Death Grip            
   Chapter 4: Do Not Over Extend                            
   Chapter 5: Footwork Drill #2: In and Out                            
   Chapter 6: Stalking and Mad Rush Exercise                    
   Chapter 7: Low-Line Kicks in Stop 2 Problems                     
   Chapter 8: Limited Use of the Head Butt - A Serious warning            
   Chapter 9: Tactical Breathing                            
   Chapter 10: Broken Jaws and Breathing                        
   Chapter 11: The Basic Releases                         
   Chapter 12: The Hand Drop, Feeling for a Draw                
   Chapter 13: Weapon Retention                            
   Chapter 14: Weapon Disarming                                 
   Chapter 15: Grabbing the Pistol                            
   Chapter 16: Anger Management                        
   Chapter 17: Frigid Cold Fighting                               
   Chapter 18: Rituals of Death                            

Part 2: The Performance Requirements
   Chapter 19: Force Necessary: Hand Level 2                    
   Chapter 20: Force Necessary: Stick Level 2                       
   Chapter 21: Force Necessary: Knife Level 2                    
   Chapter 22: Force Necessary: Gun Level 2                    
   Chapter 23: Tests                                    

   Stop 2 More Skill, Flow and Speed Exercises

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