Pacific Archipelago Combat - Sort: A-Z

Forged in the Pacific Archipelagos, Pacific Archipelago Combat is based on: - The Arnis / Kali Silat / Escrima Fighting Systems of the Philippines Archipelago. - The Kali Silat Fighting System of Indonesian and Filipino Archipelagos as well as the Filipino Stick Fighting Strategies. - The Karates, Jujitsu and Aiki-Jujitsu Fighting Systems of Japanese Archipelagos. - Kajukenbo and Hawaii's Conversions of Kenpo/Kempo Fighting Systems in America. - Cane and Knife Fighting from all of the Pacific Islands. - Polynesian hand, cane and small club fighting All these things including Filipino Stick Fighting and Kali Silat are incorporated into Hock Hochheim's Pacific Archipelago Combatives System. It's an incredibly effective and timeless fighting system. This system incorporates the essence of all these systems clearly defined and demonstrated in a way anyone can understand. Filipino Stick Fighting and Kali Silat have many applications in the all around training and application for offensive and defensive close quarter combat.