Seminar - Houston, TX July 30-31 - Hock's Special Unarmed Combatives Event

Seminar - Houston, TX  July 30-31 - Hock's Special Unarmed Combatives  Event

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W. Hock Hochheim  
Force Necessary: Hand   
July 30-31, 2022 in Houston (Webster) Texas  
A Very Special Force Necessary: Hand - Unarmed Combatives Seminar  
Are you....due?  
Need your first unarmed rank?  
Need your next unarmed rank?  
Need your first or next instructorship level? 
Need your first or next black belt? 
Or, just want to work-out for knowledge and train? 
Tired of paying martial dues and franchise fees? 
Testing is ALWAYS optional. 
THIS is the time and this is the place! 

"I am negligent in testing and ranking people. It's a fault of mine, despite many people seek this, want this and need it for business, for personal development and goals. That's why, to catch up, I set aside theme events around the world to get this done. This October is one for the Force Necessary: Hand course. It will be taught like a typical seminar. I teach-demo.. You do. I watch. On Sunday afternoon we do dozens and dozens of freestyle combat scenarios as a final exam. For specific material outlines of the Force Necessary: Hand course, and the test requirements, email me  " - Hock

We will blast through:
FN self defense, counter-crime lectures-strategies. 
FN: Hand strikes, standing through ground.
FN: Hand kicks, standing through ground.
The "big" FN: Hand takedowns, throws, and counters.
The "big" FN: Hand ground survival tricks versus unarmed and mixed weapons. 
  • Hand versus hand.
  • Hand versus stick.
  • Hand versus knife.
  • Hand versus gun threats.
  • Standing through ground (incudes generic, simple ground survival zero sport wrestling.)
Two 8-hour days.  (9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Must attend both days for rank if you are seeking some.
And I will recognize your time (and maybe grade) in other related systems I recognize. 
And you will receive an equivalent free rank in Kempo at this event.

Here's what you get....
  • An attendance certificate, ranking or no ranking.
  • Rank? You...get what you get, if you want anything.
  • If so? Each rank level 1-9 is $100 each (optional).
  • If so? Each of the three instructorships, Basic (after 3) , Advanced (after 6) , Expertise (after 9) are $150 each (all 3 optional). 
  • If so? Each level Black Belt is $500, starting a 1st Dan Level 10. (optional).
  • (Remember with us, there are no monthly dues, tithings or franchise fees!)

$99 preregistration fee. Pay the rest at the door.
$200 for two days.
$150 for any one day.
$750. Special Group Rate! $750! Traveling in? Staying at hotel? Bring in 5 to 8 of your tightly connected students/friends of your group/school for only $750. (Please, all must be officially with you. ALL MUST be travelers, needing to stay in a hotel. No sandbagging. The host is expending a lot of time and money to organize this. If at least 5 of your tightly connected students do not show that morning? Then, the tuition returns to individual attendance of $200 per person.)

Hock Hochheim is a military vet, police vet, martial arts vet and prior private investigator and bodyguard, with 50 years experience in hand, stick, knife and gun problem-solving. This is his 26th year teaching in 11 countries a year (barring Covid) . Hock’s taught his Force Necessary and PAC courses to thousands of people, been a paid consultant in every branch of the US Military, taught in police academies in the USA and as far as England, Ireland, South Africa, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Australia, as well as martial schools and military bases around the world. Find out why he is one of these rare few international, sought-after trainers worldwide! Find out why! Attend a seminar. Collect his books. Stream his videos. Come to Kokomo!

Check Hock's endorsements here:

Check Hock's bio here:

Held at: John Peek's  Krav Haganah Global, 20801 Gulf Freeway, Ste. 55, WebsterTexas 77598

Please wear street clothes! Especially pants with pockets and a street belt. Please bring ALL your gear. Training knives, guns, sticks. Two focus mitts or two Thai-style pads. Eye protection! Terry will have some to share, but it would be wise and helpful to bring some.

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