Seminar - 'Merica II ! March 25-26, 2023 Nashville, TN - Royal Range

Seminar - 'Merica II !  March 25-26, 2023 Nashville, TN - Royal Range
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'Merica Seminar II! 
March 25-26 2023
Nashville, TN -  The Royal Range! 
Learn American-Western Hemisphere Fighting Methods. 
Join us in this annual celebration of martial education - The 'Merica Seminar!

" 'Merica! We've come a long way and we ain't done yet!"

We're back for an action-packed weekend of training, learning, laughter, and community. 

Instructors scheduled so far...
  • Hock Hochheim, the 'Merica Seminars architect, on military and policing "stick." "Two-handed stick fighting."Hock was certified in the old school Los Angeles Police city and the old LA County Sheriff's Department, baton courses on striking, blocking, grappling, manipulations and ground fighting, as well as other enforcement, nightstick, U.S. military and police sources. The essence of this session will be "two hand grip" stick fighting. (See a few military and police shotgun applications.)
  • John Potenza a super expert on Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling. Catch is an old-school hardcore, superior grappling system (that even confounds BJJ) and John has "done it all" with all the Catch greats for decades. He is the best Catch guy I have ever found, and a skilled, personable teacher. John will also add some of his favorite Catch self defense moves.
  • Snake Blocker on historical, Apache Empty Hand Fighting and Wrestling.
  • Big Dawg Kerwood, an expert on knife and axe throwing with introduce the attendees to the art, the way and the science of the throw!
  • Jeff Rawhide Laun, a marine vet, veteran police officer, veteran police instructor and multiple black belt holder will instruct pistol retention. (Bring your holster-belt system but we will also have on hand, clip-on holsters for those needing one.)  
  • The BIG GUNS of the Royal Range.  Rent-shoot any firearm from their vast collection of weapons.
  • Special live-fire, self defense pistol course Saturday night. Will cost extra. Bring your gun or rent one.

The Royal Range
Nashville, TN is a movie theater cleverly transformed into indoor shooting ranges and classrooms.
  • Attendees get a training certificate.
  • 2-Day attendees get an SFC Eagle Challenge Coin.
  • 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 4.p.m. on Sunday. Arrive at 8:30 a.m. to get ready. Live fire night is Saturday night and times will be set on Saturday afternoon.
  • $250 for two days.
  • $150 for any one day.
  • $150 2-Day Discount for U.K., Europeans and Australians. You are flying over? It is expensive enough, so we offer this discount. Save $100! Use the $125 option here to preregister and pay the remaining $25 at the door. Or, just pay $150 at the door. Thanks for coming over! You won't regret meeting and training with us crazy 'Mericans.
  • $125 Preregistration. Space will be limited. Reserve your spot, but be advised if you can't come you will lose this because you will be depriving a slot for someone else!
  • $1,000. Special Group Rate! Traveling in? Staying at hotel? Bring in 6 to 8 of your tightly connected students/friends of your group/school for only $1,000. (Please, all MUST be officially with you. ALL MUST be travelers, needing to stay in a hotel. No "sandbagging." If at least 6 do not show? Then, the tuition returns to individual attendance of $250 per person.) Group discount is paid at the door, via headcount at sign in.
  • Come early and stay late, and visit "Nash-Vegas"-Nashville!
  • Come early and stay late and shoot pistols and long guns (like the Barrett .50 Cal sniper rifle).
  • Popular resturants  and affordable hotels right across the highway. Look up hotels (like the Avery-Sleep Inn) in Bellevue, TN - (Bellevue is the actual suburb name of this Nashville location.) There are three hotels right across the highway from the RR. Other Nashville area hotels are minutes away. All on Google. Or stay in "Nash-Vegas," - Nashville-proper. It's not far.
  • We have some training equipment for you to loan but you must bring all your gear too if you can!
* (Remember the Royal Range looks closed that early in the morning. Approach the front "wall" on the left side. Make a hard, fast turn right behind that thin, front wall and you'll see the actual glass store front. Enter through the reguar front doors.)  

Contact Hock for early details,

 I can tell you right don't want to miss this!" - Hock

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