Stick - Baton and Stick Retention - by Hock Hochheim

Stick - Baton and Stick Retention - by Hock Hochheim
Year: 2010
Genre(s): Baton and Stick Retention
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 44 minutes
Size: 491.1 MB

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Impact Weapons Combatives - Baton and Stick Retention
by W. Hock Hochheim

Learn these tactics, exercises, scenarios and skills:
- The directional grabs
- The one and two hand grabs
- The arm wraps
- The disarm possibilities
- The basic common draws
- Protect the belt carry
- Protect the draw process
- Protect the presented baton
- Protect the baton in use
- Protect against his supported strikes
- The vital releasing techniques   *vs. stick grabs  * vs. arm grabs
- and much more.

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