Hock Hochheim - Unarmed Combat - The Other Hand

Hock Hochheim - Unarmed Combat - The Other Hand
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Year: 2012
Genre(s): Self-Defense
Director(s): W. Hock Hochheim
Run Time: 48 minutes
Size: 568 MB

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Unarmed Combat - The Other Hand
by W. Hock Hochheim

You have invaded in. Entered. You've dealt with the enemy's lead arm and hand, but what about the other limb? The other hand? Is it ready to blast you or actually blasting you? Is it covering his head or is it elsewhere? These methods come from Hock's four decades of study in military combatives, Police Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, Filipino Mano Mano and Silats, from Wing Chun, JKD, Bare-Knuckle Boxing, Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing. In the English-speaking world, we are all familiar with the phrase, "Thinking Outside the Box." This is "Boxing Outside the Think." This is bare-knuckle, "reality," dirty boxing, packed with ideas and methods from all important, core systems.
Learn these tactics, exercises, scenarios and skills:
- The tactics of the "Other Hand."
- Tactical arm-to-arm reference points
- How to detect what the other hand will do 
- Moving, manipulating and capturing the other hand 
- Defeating his various arm positions 
- Checking thrusts and hooks
- Defeating his hooking attacks 
- Defeating his thrusting attacks 
- Follow-up combat scenarios with takedowns
- ...and much more!

"Hock, just thought that I would say a very big thumbs up to the "think outside the box, the other hand" dvd. the techniques shown were spectacular, I never thought that stuff that came from kali, jkd, wing chun and other things you so handsomely put together in such a realistic and tight nit way of countering, etc, could ever be pulled off. you are a true genius hock, and I am glad that we are friends and that I will continue to do business with force necessary when it comes to further advancing in my field training. boxing moves like that go a long way when it comes to the stand up routine that I have learned from different military boxing styles that just scratch the surface. outstanding hock! thanks so much for the enlightenment. all this time I thought that stuff like that was too out dated for modern hand to hand military combat, it is the way you broke it down and showed is what made a believer out of me. thank you once again, good luck on your missions, best regards, Chet."  - Chet Cathcart, La Mirada, CA  

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