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Learn the force necessary to win or survive in Hand to Hand Combat using our videos or attending one of Hock's seminars! "Use police, military and martial tactics, strategies, tricks and solutions portrayed in the unarmed combat training videos to save your life." --Hock Through training with the Hock and studying the Force Necessary program, you learn vital life-saving skill-developing tactics and drills in standing and ground-fighting, criminal and military situations. Using the principles involved with the essence of combat, Hock introduces his unarmed combat training in module format. Here with Hock Hochheim's Hand to Hand Combat Videos, you can begin now to learn insider crime prevention tactics, use of force, legal aspects and more in this hard core program. Begin your study of the Unarmed Combatives self-defense utilizing the Unarmed Combat training videos and books listed below. All these hand to hand combat videos have easy to understand, step-by-step directions on how to unarmed combat against other unarmed combatives, and those armed with sticks, knives and guns.