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Seminars - Combatives and FMA by Hock

See all of Hock's seminars, usually in 11 countries each year, but "Covid Madness" has curtailed these trips down to a few places in the USA. More global events to Australia, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Canada, Hungary, Japan, Italy, etc to return in 2023!

Hock's Books (and books of  others)

See all of Hock's (and others) Books. Collectable hard covers, paperbacks and ebooks. Hock's popular martial books. Hock's popular fiction. Other books from Lauric Press, Wolfpack Publishing and other affilliated publishers.

Unarmed Combatives Training Films by Hock

See all of Hock's Force Necessary: Hand training Films. Hand versus Hand. Hand versus Stick. Hand versus Knife. Hand versus Gun Threats. Standing through ground fighting.

Stick Combatives Training Films  by Hock

See all of Hock's Stick-Impact Weapon self Defense Training Films and the great bestselling "Impact Weapon Combatives" stick book. Stick versus Hand. Stick versus Stick. (Some, as the PAC-FMA course covers full FMA stick) Stick versus Knife. Stick versus Gun Threats. Standing

Knife Combatives Training Films by Hock

See all of Hock's Knife Training Films and the bestselling "Knife Combatives" book. Knife versus Hand. Knife versus Stick. Knife versus Knife. Knife versus Gun Threats. Standing through ground.

Gun Combatives Training Films by Hock

See all of Hock's Gun Training Films. Remember Hock doesn't teach live-fire marksmanship, but rather problem solves interactive scenarios with safe ammo with an emphasis on "External Focus. "Gun versus Hand. Gun versus Stick. Gun versus Knife. Gun versus Gun Threats.

Hock's Stop 6 Combatives Training Films

See all of Hock's Stop 6 Combatives Training Films. Hand, stick, knife, gun through all the common fighting-collision points from standing to ground. Hock's innovative mixed-weapon, organization of methods.

FMA and PAC Training Films by Hock

PACIFIC ARCHIPELGO CONCEPTS (& FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS) Methods from the islands of the Pacific, Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii and the Philippines. Catalog! See all of Hock's PAC and FMA videos. Hand. Stick. Knife. Double Stick. Espada y Daga.

McCann's Martial Training Films

See all of McCann's Training Films. It's a treasure trove of information!" Jim McCann is one of the smartest guys I know in the martial arts." - Hock Hochheim Boxing! Ground fighting! Survival! A martial treasure trove of information.

Nick Hughes French Foreign Legion & Military Combatives Films

There's only one Nick Hughes. Lifelong multi-system martial artist. French Foreign Legion veteran and Military Combatives Specialist. Hand, stick, knife and gun. See the link for his book Be Your Own Bodyguard inside his package deal.

SAVE! See all the video Set Packages Page

SAVE! See all the video Set Packages Page. Hock's Unarmed package set. Hock's Stick package set. Hock's Knife package set. Hock's Gun package set. Hock's Stop 6 package set. Hock's PAC-FMA package set. Hock's EVERTHING package set.

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